zak designs


Dinner & Drinks
Whether it's kid's plates, bowls and cups for the table or lunch kits, sport bottles and food containers for meals on the go, Zak! makes mealtime fun.
mason jar
nostalgic and practical
Give the little ones an early start on a healthy lifestyle with fun and colorful characters to get them excited about drinking water. These tumblers have a lid and straw for easy access while reducing splashes and spills, perfect for kids who are growing out of sippy cups.
no-bake peanut
butter cookies
hands-on recipes
Try a snack that’s delicious and fun to make, as well as packed with nutrition and energy. This is a great recipe to get kids into the kitchen—they’ll have a great time with the making and the eating!
“best sippy
customer review
“With a toddler on the move always dropping/throwing his cups, this one has been the best for us. Highly recommend.” –Sarah, Mount Pleasant, SC