zak designs


kids table
Whether it's kid's plates, bowls and cups for the table or lunch kits, sport bottles and food containers for meals on the go, Zak! makes mealtime fun.
bring characters to life
These tumblers have lids and straws to keep water easily accessible, and toppers sculpted in 360 degrees to make hydration fun. Featuring a variety of characters from popular movies and TV shows, kids will love to take their drinks everywhere they go.
food fun
picture this
What if you could dazzle your picky preschoolers out of boycotting every meal? Get kids excited about food by turning each plate into a fun and colorful canvas.
customer review
"I LOVE these divided plates for my children! My daughter has had some for YEARS and they have held up so well! I cut food on them and even run them through the dishwasher and they never fade or show wear. They are the best kid plates we have owned!"
– Aimee of Indianapolis, IN