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For small children, plain water is the enemy. Where is the soda? Where is the milk?! But plain water is important for keeping them healthy and hydrated, so a fun water bottle will help make up the difference in sugar.

Is your kid a Disney Princess fan? We have water bottles and tumblers for at home and on the go. Maybe they’re into PAW Patrol or Marvel superheroes? No problems there, either.Β With durable, reusable drinkware and all their favorite characters ready to help with hydration, this kids’ collection is going to make a splash.

Kids Drinkware

Functional Kid Cups

Our kids' water bottles and tumblers are a delightful blend of fun and functionality! Parents adore their leak-proof and easy-to-clean features, while kids are thrilled by the vibrant and joyful artwork. It's truly the best of both worlds!

Zak Designs Kelso Tumblers for Kids - Disney Lilo & Stitch design

Joyful Designs

Make hydration a joy! Our kids' water bottles showcase colorful artwork and beloved TV and movie characters. With these exciting designs, kids will be eager to drink more water.

Just Right Sizes

Discover the joy of hydration with our range of kids' water bottles and tumblers, perfectly tailored for ages 3-12! From 12 ounces to 24 ounces, we have the ideal size to quench their thirst and keep them energized throughout the day.