Zak Designs Garlic Peeler

Zak Designs Garlic Peeler

Posted on November 15, 2015

peeling garlic the easy—and smell-free—way

If you’re not a vampire, chances are you love garlic. It adds irresistible flavor to any savory dish, from steak and chicken to sauces like pesto, and even salsa. But while eating garlic is pure delight, cooking with it can be a bit of a hassle. All that peeling takes time and leaves your hands smelling unmistakably garlicky.

Enter Zak’s ingenious garlic peeler. It’s simple to use: just put a garlic clove of any size into the cylinder, and then roll it. The skin will slough off, leaving the tasty clove peeled and ready to chop. It takes seconds and it’s much easier than peeling by hand. Not to mention, it leaves your hands virtually smell-free!

Its embossed exterior makes the peeler very grippable, while its fun, colorful design makes it easy to spot in a drawer. Cleanup is a breeze too—just toss the peeler in your dishwasher, or rinse it out and let it dry.

Since the garlic peeler has no sharp edges, it’s a great way for kids to help out in the kitchen. They’ll find the silicone peeler flexible and easy to roll. Kids may not appreciate the fine taste of garlic (yet), but they’ll love doing the grown-up job of peeling it!

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