You Need An Insulated Tumbler: Here’s Why

Posted on August 24, 2023

Staying well hydrated is key to feeling your best day in and day out, no matter who you are, what you do, or what your health is like. Hydration, whether ingested through plain water (the best option), electrolyte-heavy sports drinks (pretty good), and even soda (though not the healthiest of choices), allows your body to perform its basic functions, such as regulating your body temperature, protecting your organs, and even removing natural toxins from your body. Without proper hydration, you’re bound to experience mood swings, unclear thinking, and an uncomfortably high body temperature. That’s why having hydration available to you throughout the day with the help of a water bottle or insulated tumbler is so important.

The various hydrating liquids that we use in our day-to-day lives have never been easier to acquire, transport, or carry around with us during our daily routines. Thanks to modern advancements in drinkware, we’re even able to keep hot drinks steamy and cold drinks chilly longer than ever before with drinkware—like an insulated tumbler. That’s why there’s no good reason not to have one or two insulated tumblers at your disposal for daily and nightly use. And though that’s the case, that doesn’t mean that any run-of-the-mill, cheaply made drinkware will suffice—you need one that is equally well-made as it is stylish, like an insulated tumbler designed by Zak!

Zak! has been a leading provider of top-of-the-line drinkware and dinnerware for well over three decades, and our products have only become more sleek, stylish, and dependable as time goes by. Our years of success are a testament to the quality, aesthetics, and longevity of our selection of designs. To summarize the mission behind our Zak! products, we’ll say this: we want to bring smiles to as many faces as possible all around the world. And one of the easiest ways we can think of to do that is to provide high-quality insulated tumblers at an affordable rate to ensure that everyone can stay healthy and hydrated with ease!

But that’s enough about us. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I know how important hydration is—but why should I put my hard-earned money towards an insulated tumbler? And, more specifically, a Zak! Insulated tumbler?” Well, that’s exactly what we’d like to use this blog to discuss, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll see just how great of an addition to your usual drinkware that an insulated tumbler from Zak! could be!

What Is a Tumbler, Let Alone an Insulated Tumbler?

A “tumbler” is just another name for a flat-bottomed cup that is sealable with an enclosing cap—typically one that you can sip from! Tumblers were made for taking drinks with you on the go, whether they’re hot or cold. That’s because the materials that they’re made with—typically stainless steel—are great at keeping liquids at the proper temperature for much longer than if they were sitting in a mug on your dining room table. This is even more so true with an expertly-designed and intuitively-built insulated tumbler from Zak!, which is crafted using 75% recycled materials and a vacuum-insulated double wall to keep your chosen beverage at the right temperature for hours!

How Insulation Works in Tumblers

Does thermodynamics ring any bells for you? Don’t worry—we’re not very well-versed in it ourselves, but what we do know is that it’s the science behind how an insulated tumbler can keep drinks of all kinds properly insulated. Basically, insulated tumblers are built with a “double wall” or two layers of metal—as we mentioned briefly above. The area between the two layers is then vacuum sealed, and this is where the laws of thermodynamics begin to help us out. This vacuum-sealed space makes it difficult for heat to transfer both into and out of the insulated tumbler, which—you guessed it—maintains the temperature of the liquid inside for up to multiple hours.

Why Insulation Matters in Tumblers

Other than keeping your drink properly hot or cold, insulation helps with a variety of other things too. It keeps every drink that you place in your insulated tumbler as tasty as if you had just poured it. For bubbly drinks, it keeps plenty of carbonation from escaping, and for sodas specifically, it keeps them cool and fresh, so you’re never stuck drinking warm, syrupy soda. Moreover, the insulation of our tumblers just makes the whole process of carrying and transporting a beverage much more convenient—negating any future worries of a tea or coffee getting cold or a cold drink warming up and tasting foul.

Why You Need an Insulated Tumbler From Zak!

We hope you’re already beginning to see just how amazing an insulated tumbler from Zak! can be. More than just its fantastic insulation, our insulated tumblers offer countless other benefits as well. But before we go ahead and tell you about why our Zak! brand insulated tumblers are some of the best around; we’d like to first talk a little more in general about why an insulated tumbler is a must-have for an individual who lives life on the go.

Tumblers in General

So, what is it about tumblers that make them stand out over the many other drinkware options out there? Well, here are four examples you might like to hear about:


Tumblers are built with toughness in mind, using either high-grade stainless steel or other metals as the foundation of the cup, whereupon equally tough plastic is used for the cap and various extra components. Though big drops might cause dents, as with any metal drinkware, you can rest assured that there won’t be any cracks or complete breakages.


In addition to all the other great design features of an insulated tumbler, they are also built to be easy and comfortable to hold. The ergonomic design of most tumblers also makes them easy to transport either by hand, in a bag, or attached to a backpack.


Their utility is also undeniable, as you may have already noticed. Not only do they keep your drinks at the right temperature for much longer than most other portable drinkware options, but they are also the perfect shape, size, and durability for a wide variety of uses (which we’ll get into a bit later).


Most importantly, for a lot of people, they are easy to clean. There are no special instructions required to keep them in great shape! Just handwash and they’ll be sparkly clean in no time.

Insulated Tumblers From Zak!

Now, finally, onto what makes a Zak! insulated tumbler, an investment you won’t come to regret. We’re going to keep it short and sweet with the three following points:

Artful Aesthetics

Our Zak! insulated tumblers come in a variety of colors to ensure that there’s an option that you’ll be confident showing off while you’re staying hydrated on the go. Whether a cute coral is more your style as an avid beach-goer or you’d prefer a deep emerald to match your love of the great outdoors, Zak! has just the aesthetic for you.

Diligent Designs

Our tumblers are designed with convenience in mind. Not only are they easy to clean, but most of our insulated tumblers are equipped with a wide carrying handle so that you can take it anywhere and everywhere with ease. Plus, some have an attached flip-up drinking spout to help to prevent leaks whenever you close it. And don’t forget about the amazing insulation properties we’ve been hyping up!

Oh, All the Places You Can Go!

Remember when we mentioned utility as a primary reason why an insulated tumbler is such a great choice of drinkware? Good—let’s talk more about all the uses you could find for it when you purchase your very own Zak! insulated tumbler. 

Though there are an endless number of uses you could imagine with just a bit of creativity, here are a few that we’ve found to be the most common:


Regardless of whether you work a physical job that keeps you on your feet all day or you work a desk job that has you jumping from meeting to meeting, hydration is essential to staying focused and feeling good throughout the day. That’s why an insulated tumbler is perfect to carry along with you as you make your way through the work week.

Vacation Time

An insulated tumbler is great for work, but it’s even better for vacation time. Spending a long weekend at the beach? Taking a week off to relax in the sun somewhere quiet and peaceful, or doing the exact opposite and heading out into the city to live it up? Well, a tumbler will make sure you never end up dehydrated, regardless of how you spend your time off.


If you love getting outdoors and working up a sweat with some physical exercise, then getting an insulated tumbler is a no-brainer. Whether you get a kick out of playing soccer, enjoy swinging on the tennis court, or enjoy a heated game of basketball, a full cup of cool hydration kept in an insulated tumbler is exactly what you need to keep playing your best.

School and Extracurriculars

An insulated tumbler from Zak! is also a great option if you have a young one who’s still in school. Sending them off to class with a durable and hygienic piece of drinkware will ensure that they’re drinking enough water throughout the day while they’re not under your supervision. And it can continue to be of service after school during any extracurricular activities your child may participate in! 


Our Zak! tumblers are also the perfect adventure buddy to ensure that you’re never caught out in the wilderness without proper hydration. Whether you’re hiking through a scenic mountainside, strolling through a sunny park, or taking a road less followed on a bicycle, there’s no reason not to have one of our tumblers at your side.

In summation, you can use an insulated tumbler in any situation where you’re looking to stay hydrated on the move. And when it comes to finding one that is high-quality and affordable, Zak! is a clear choice!

Easy Sippin’ on All of Your Favorites

To wrap up this blog, we’re going to take it easy and offer up a few drink ideas that you could use your new insulated tumbler for instead of only using it for water (which is still always a good idea):

The Hots

  • Tea — One of our tumblers will keep your tea piping hot as if you just removed the teabag
  • Coffee — A hot cup of coffee could be exactly what you need to have the energy to get through the day
  • Hot Cocoa — Cold day out? Then fill your tumbler with hot cocoa!

The Colds

  • Iced Tea — Not a fan of hot tea? Then ice it down and enjoy a cool, energizing drinking experience
  • Juice — A cool tumbler of juice is the perfect travel buddy for all of your morning errands

Important to note: We don’t recommend drinking hot drinks with our tumblers that have straws (unless you take the straw out).

Find Your New Insulated Tumbler at Zak!

If you’re in the market for a tumbler that is aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically designed, and—most importantly—made to the highest standards of quality, then you need an insulated tumbler from Zak! Our insulated tumblers offer you everything you could ever want or need from a tumbler. Feel good with every sip you take. So, why wait any longer? Get your very own Zak! insulated tumbler today!

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