Why You Need a Zak Kelso Tumbler

Posted on August 16, 2023

The two most essential, barebones things we need to stay happy and healthy in life are food and water. And unless you’re a fan of eating everything with your fingers (like most children are) and cupping your hands to drink your chosen beverage, you’re going to want plates and cups to keep everything contained, sanitary, and easy to consume. From melamine dinnerware sets to Zak Kelso tumblers, there are countless options out there that will be sure to last you and your child for years to come—especially when you shop for your child’s new Zak Kelso tumbler right here at Zak!

Our Zak! designs for all kinds of drinkware and dinnerware are beloved by households around the country. That’s not only because they’re well-made and can be customized in a variety of color schemes and designs featuring popular children's TV show characters but also because they’re an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. And if your child is in need of a beverage container while you’re taking them out and about, our selection of Zak Kelso tumblers is sure to have an option that you’ll be happy to buy, and your child will love to use!

But, out of all the containers out there that you could buy for your child, why choose a Zak Kelso tumbler? Well, we’d like to use this blog to tell you and show you just how fantastic and durable these tumblers really are!

What Is a Zak Kelso Tumbler?

A tumbler is simply an enclosed, flat-bottomed cup that is designed for use on the go when you’re out exploring the world. Containers created to allow individuals to conveniently carry around liquids are nothing new. For millennia, people have used materials such as metal, ceramics, wood, and even bone (if you go back far enough) to create stable flat-bottomed cups. Zak Kelso tumblers are just the modern incarnation of a long line of cleverly designed cups, and though many tumblers continue to be made of metal and other ceramics, we make ours from high-quality BPA-free plastic.

More Than Just Your Standard Tumbler

Our Zak Kelso tumblers were designed to be the perfect tumblers for children. That’s because the less mess and stress involved in keeping your child hydrated, the easier your job as a parent becomes! There are countless ways that our tumblers are so much more than your average enclosed cup. To name a few, they’re:


First and foremost, our Zak Kelso tumblers were made to be fully and completely leak-proof! The cap itself twists and seals tightly to ensure that no liquid works its way through. However, our unique silicone sipper spout is really where our tumblers shine. The sipper spouts are built with a distinctive valve that stops the flow of water anytime there is no one taking a sip from the straw. That means you won’t have to worry about spills while your child is handling the tumbler or even while it’s sitting and bouncing around in a travel bag!

Durable & High-Quality Material

Just as important as our tumblers’ ability to prevent troublesome leaks and spills is the high-quality materials it’s made of. The body of the cup is built to withstand the usual day-to-day falls and collisions, meaning you’ll rarely—likely never—have to buy a replacement due to an unfixable crack or tear in the softer materials. Plus, our Zak Kelso tumblers are completely BPA-free and perfectly safe to run through the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. However, be sure never to run it through the microwave, as these cups are made only for cold drinks.

The sipper spout is also a perfect example of how the use of quality materials can make the difference between a good and a bad tumbler. The sipper spouts attached to our children's tumblers are antimicrobial, which helps to stop the spread of bacteria. This makes them ideal for frequent usage and a life of travel.

Ergonomically Designed


As you can already see, our tumblers were designed with quality and ease of use in mind. More than being leak-proof and well-built, the Zak Kelso tumbler lends itself to being practical in any situation. To start, their shape and texture make them easy to hold, reducing the risk that you or your child accidentally drops them while held. And speaking of shape, the silicone drinking straw is soft and highly flexible, making it easy to sip from and tough against even the toughest teething toddlers.

Our tumblers are also perfectly sized to fit your standard cup holder. So, regardless of whether the tumbler is accompanying your child on a long car trip, sitting through a show at the movie theater, or tagging along for a day at the beach, it will fit conveniently in practically any cup holder you have available to you!

Good for Any Occasion

Speaking of where Zak Kelso tumblers are often used, this is where the previous three sections truly combine together, culminating in a cup that can withstand practically any use you have for it. They are the perfect choice of children's cups for anywhere you need to go!

Best Times for a Zak Kelso Tumbler

A few instances in which one of our fantastic tumblers might help you out could include:

  • Road Trips — Our tumblers are the perfect option for any time you and your child need to hit the road on a new adventure to see extended family or simply enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Flights — Though you’ll have to keep it empty until you’re past airport security, you can easily refill it with water or something from the terminal once you’re inside!
  • Outdoor Activities — Taking your child to see their elder siblings' extracurricular sports game? Going on a camping trip? A Zak Kelso tumbler is a great choice for either outdoor activity and more!
  • Errands — They’re also perfect for when you have to take your youngster out on some quick errands, just fill the tumbler up and head out—its convenient size makes it easy to store in a larger-sized handbag.
  • Right at Home — You could also just make it your child’s go-to cup for staying hydrated around the house. They’ll be able to pick it up and move it wherever they please without worrying you about any possible spills.

Perfect for Most Childrens Drinks

As we mentioned earlier, our Zak Kelso tumblers are meant for mildly-warm, room-temperature, or cold drinks. But thankfully, this leaves countless healthy options on the table for you to choose from. The best uses for our tumblers are:


Though it doesn’t need to be stated, water is always the best thing you can fill a Zak Kelso tumbler with to keep your child healthy and hydrated. Drinking the right amount of water is essential to growing up healthy (at any age), and staying well-hydrated does more for the body than you might imagine! From being fundamental in regulating body temperature and protecting your inner organs to simply keeping joints healthy and breaking down useful nutrients, water is always the best drink to have!


Milk, in whatever calcium-rich form you choose, is another essential drink for your child to have daily. The calcium provided by milk not only helps bones grow strong but also acts as a great source of protein! Our tumblers are the perfect milk cup whether you’re relaxing at home or going out into the world.


Juices such as apple and orange juice are some other healthy options to use your child’s tumbler for! Juices can offer a variety of health benefits for your growing child by providing a variety of essential minerals and vitamins, as well as the usual hydration you’d get from any drink.

However, we know that kids want to enjoy more than milk, water, and juice, especially as they grow a bit older and begin to really explore the variety of delicious drink flavors there are out in the world. Thankfully, a Zak! Kelso tumbler can also be used for much more!

Sports Drinks

If you have a young child who’s involved in extracurricular sports or other activities, a tumbler is the perfect place to store a cup of their favorite sports drink to ensure that they’re well-hydrated throughout and have the supply of electrolytes they need to play their best.

Juice-Based Drinks

There are also plenty of drinks out there that serve as a middle-ground between juice and soda, offering some of the benefits of real juice while also having the sugary-sweet tang of soda. For this moderate choice between the two, one of our tumblers would be the perfect drink container!

Tips for Choosing the Tumbler for Your Child

By now, we hope you’re sold on just how useful a Zak Kelso tumbler could be while you’re on your parenthood journey. But how are you going to decide which of the various tumblers we have here at Zak! that you want to buy for your child? Well, we’d like to help answer that as well!

While you’re browsing our extensive collection of widely-beloved Zak Kelso tumblers, be sure to consider the following points.


The first thing you should consider when buying anything is what you intend to use it for. Whether you’re looking to get a Zak Kelso tumbler for one of the uses we described earlier in this blog or you’re looking to use it for something entirely different, knowing what you’re going to use it for makes locking in the purchase infinitely easier. Plus, we don’t want you buying a Kelso tumbler that’s just going to go to waste sitting in a corner—we want it to be something you invest in that will serve your children well for years to come! 

Knowing the purpose that your new tumbler is going to serve will also help you determine exactly how many you need!


Our Kelso tumblers come in packs of two to ensure that you always have a backup cup in case the first goes missing or is still waiting in the dishwasher to be cleaned! This also makes shopping for multiple kids all the more thrifty! And if you’re considering tumblers for a variety of purposes, you could decide to grab multiple sets so that each unique use has its own distinct cup.


The last thing to consider is the style. You’ll want to pick a set of tumblers that fits your child’s preferred styles and interests. And with over 20 unique designs and colors, you’re sure to find one they love! Just check out two of our favorites below:

The Dino Camo Zak Kelso Tumbler

Built as tough and leak-proof as the rest of our tumblers, this Dino Camo tumbler is a perfect option for the adventurous, Dinosaur-aficionado in your family! Styled with a variety of dinosaur graphics and colored using various shades of earthy green, your child is sure to love it for any trip into the great outdoors. Feel free to check it out here!

The Sea Shells Zak Kelso Tumbler

Meanwhile, our Sea Shells tumbler will keep all the drinkable water in while also keeping ocean water out on any sunny beach-day getaway that you take with your family. Adorned with plenty of cute seashells and sea creatures and featuring an aesthetic blend of deep blues and light pinks, the mermaid and beach-lover in your family will absolutely love this tumbler! You can give this one a look here.

Shop for Your New Kelso Tumbler at Zak!

So, if you’re looking for a portable cup that will not only survive the chaos of day-to-day life and last for years to come but will also give you peace of mind that spills and leaks will be a thing of the past, then you need a Zak Kelso tumbler from right here at Zak! Having been in business since the mid-1970s, we know what it takes to make a high-quality cup that families love. Let us bring something new to your table (or next adventure) today, whether that’s a new set of melamine dinnerware or a brand-new Zak Kelso tumbler for your child!

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