Melamine Plates and Bowls

Why Melamine Plates and Bowls Are The Perfect Party Plate

Posted on April 04, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect party plate? Look no further than melamine plates and bowls. Whether it's a backyard BBQ or an extra fancy get-together, melamine tableware has quickly become the go-to choice for entertaining. Not only do these dishes look great on any tablescape, but they're also incredibly durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. Plus, with their wide range of colors and styles, you can easily dress up or down your setup to match any event.

Zak! offers a range of melamine plates and bowls, from designs perfect for kids to sophisticated, elegant designs for everyday dinners or special get-togethers. With melamine, you can create a beautiful tablescape without worrying about breakage. So don't waste time on fragile plates - melamine dishes are always the perfect party plate! Keep reading to learn more about why melamine is the ultimate party plate!

Why Use Melamine Plates and Bowls Instead of Ceramic?

As a host, it's nice to have a theme, a beautiful tablescape, and decorations when celebrating a gathering. However, there's usually a lot of family and friends, children running around, and a lot of activity. With melamine plates and bowls from zak!, you can decorate your home or backyard in any way you like, knowing that they are durable enough for accidental drops. This durability is what makes them the perfect option for parties and get-togethers, compared to ceramic or glass dishes.

Ceramic is known for being fragile and easily broken, whereas melamine is incredibly sturdy and resistant to breaking from everyday wear and tear. Plus, melamine dishes are lightweight, which makes them easy to set up and transport as needed. Not to mention, you don't have to compromise your decorations, zak! offers a range of fun options for children and adults. This makes zak! 's melamine plates and bowls are the perfect choice for any themed event.

Benefits of Melamine Plates and Bowls

Melamine plates and bowls are ideal for parties and get-togethers as they are incredibly sturdy and lightweight and come in a variety of colors to suit any theme. Not only do melamine plates and bowls look great on any tablescape, but they're also incredibly durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. Read on to learn more about why melamine is the ultimate party plate!


For both indoor and outdoor use, melamine plates and bowls provide a sturdy, dependable solution to your needs. You won't have to worry about them shattering and creating a mess if dropped, nor will there be any fear of chips or breaks when children are involved. They are also scratch resistant, meaning they will last longer than other types of plastic dishes. They are perfect for events with lots of food and movement since you don't have to spend time worrying about fragile dishes that could easily break during the festivities. Moreover, their durability makes them a great choice for long-term use at home in any setting where there's a likelihood of breakage! When many would turn to paper plates for hosting events instead of ceramic or glass plates, melamine plates, and bowls are better for the environment, and you can use them again and again.


Zak! 's melamine plates and bowls have you covered for any event! Whether you are looking for a simple, sophisticated setting for an intimate lunch or something bright and fun for a birthday bash, the wide variety of colors, patterns, styles, and themes make it easy to find a set for your needs. The lightweight plastic material makes melamine dishes great for outdoor events or kids' parties as well; it's also durable so that any spills or messes can be wiped away easily without damage! If you're looking to dress them up a bit more, zak! also offers a range of elegant and modern options available that can give your table setting a whole new look. Whichever style you choose to match your event's mood, zak! 's melamine plates and bowls make it easy to decorate your gathering with flair.


Another great benefit of melamine plates and bowls is that they are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is super easy! You can continue to utilize and maintain these plates for years. Plus, melamine won't retain stains like other materials, so you don't have to worry about struggling with tough spots after use. Unfortunately, we've all purchased plates and bowls made of plastic that scratches and stains. While these types of dishware last a long time, the lack of scratch and stain resistance makes them less than ideal for parties, let alone long-term usage. Imagine serving on plates and bowls with stains; not only could this be embarrassing, but it could also dissuade your guests' appetite.


The melamine plates and bowls from zak! are also highly affordable. The average cost of a set of ceramic dishware is $30 for a set of 4; when pricing this for enough for a party, or small gathering, this number begins to grow upwards of $150. However, a 12-piece set from zak! is only $45; when buying enough for a small gathering or party, the cost is more cost-effective when compared to ceramic. And because they are so durable, you can use them numerous times before needing to replace them, meaning you will definitely get your money's worth on this investment.

Plastic dishes from big-name stores may be less than that melamine, but what you gain in price, you lose in investment and style. Plastic dishes are generally one color and wear out faster. Plus, melamine dishes don't have to be replaced as often, making them an even better investment for your wallet.


Due to their durability, melamine plates and bowls last much longer than traditional plastic dishes. It depends on how much you use them and how well they’re taken care of. For example, some people still have melamine plates that they used as kids that they new use with their kids. This makes melamine dishes a great choice for hosting parties, special events, or even an everyday dishware option. 

Why Are Melamine Plates and Bowls Great for Kids Parties?

For parents, hosting your child's birthday party can be a fun, although daunting, task. There's the cake, the decorations, the activities—not to mention all the little guests you have to keep entertained! That's why melamine dinnerware is such an invaluable tool for throwing a successful kid's birthday party. Let's take a closer look at why melamine plates and bowls are the perfect addition to any kid-friendly celebration. 

Kids Themed Plates 

One of the best ways to make your child's party extra special is with themed melamine plates and bowls. Not only will this help stick with the theme of your party, but it will also make mealtime fun for the kids. Zak! offers a wide range of options for every type of party and theme that is your child's latest obsession. Check out our website to see our full collection!

Combination Plates 

Another great thing about melamine plates and bowls from zak! is that they offer combination plates. Combination plates are divided into sections, making portioning out food much easier than if everything was just piled onto one plate or bowl. Plus, combination plates are great for picky eaters who may not like their food touching. This can also help keep things neat at the table. Since no two children have the same food preferences, this makes it easier to appeal to picky eaters while still meeting all of the same benefits of a melamine plate.


Although we have already discussed this, durability cannot be understated when it comes to dinnerware for kids. After all, there's no telling what kind of messes your little guests might get into. With that in mind, melamine plates and bowls are practically indestructible; they won't chip or break even when dropped from great heights. And cleanup couldn't be easier because it's dishwasher safe and scratch and stain resistant.

Safety & Reusability


Another big reason why melamine dinnerware is ideal for hosting kid's parties is because of its durability. Unlike ceramic or glass dishes, which tend to shatter more easily when dropped on hard surfaces, melamine plates and bowls are much safer because they are less likely to break apart when handled roughly. And since melamine dinnerware is reusable time and time again without showing any signs of wear or tear, you don't have to worry about buying new plates every time you throw a party.

All in all, melamine plates and bowls are an excellent choice for hosting any kid's birthday party. Not only do they look great with their bright colors and fun designs, but they are also extremely durable and safe. Plus, you can use them numerous times before needing to replace them, meaning you will definitely get your money's worth on this party plate!

Why Choose Melamine Plates and Bowls Over Paper For Parties?

It's hard to ignore the fact that you can get many of the same benefits from melamine dishware you can also get from paper plates. After all, paper plates are cheap and disposable, often making them seem ideal for parties. But melamine dishes take it one step further. Plus, many companies even provide paper plates and cups in the theme of popular children's toys and shows, making them ideal for themed parties. However, with melamine plates and bowls, you can enjoy all the advantages of paper plates without the drawbacks. Let's take a look at why melamine is the better option.


A clear drawback of using paper plates is that they aren't reusable. While melamine dinnerware can be used again and again without showing any signs of wear, paper plates are for one-time use, and then you have to throw them away. With melamine dinnerware, however, you don't have to worry about buying new dishes for every party.

Cost Effective

Initially, purchasing melamine plates and bowls may seem more expensive than their paper counterparts. However, when considering their substantial durability, investing in melamine will be a much better long-term investment. Melamine dishes can look just as elegant and classy as ceramic or glass; however, they have the added benefits of being shatterproof and heat resistant - this makes them perfect for outdoor BBQs as well as everyday meals inside the home. Investing in quality melamine dishes is not only cost-effective but will last you for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, melamine dishes are much more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts. Common paper plates cannot be recycled because of their composition; plus, doing this multiple times a year for various occasions means that a lot of paper products are being thrown away every year. In fact, paper plates make up 26% of the content in landfills, and an average of 219 million people alone in 2020 disposed of paper plates and cups. On the other hand, melamine plates and bowls last longer, meaning less waste of paper products. This makes them a great option for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable products such as paper dishes or plastic utensils. 

So, when it comes to hosting a perfect party- melamine dishes are the way to go! Not only do melamine plates and bowls look great on the table, but they're also durable enough to handle all the spills and messes that come with having children around. Plus, melamine dishware is cost-effective, reusable, and eco-friendly - making melamine the perfect choice for any party. Get your melamine plates today and start hosting the best parties around!

Zak! 's Melamine Plates and Bowls for Your Next Event!

When it comes to throwing a party or event, melamine plates and bowls are a perfect choice. They come in a variety of colors and styles that can easily match any theme or occasion, plus they're incredibly durable and reusable - meaning you don't have to worry about them breaking even when handled roughly by little guests. Not only are melamine plates and bowls safer than ceramic or glass dishes, but they're also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. So why not check out zak! 's melamine dinnerware? With our wide variety of melamine plates, bowls, cups, and more, you'll surely find the perfect plate for your next event!

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