The True Power of Recycling

Posted on June 18, 2023

The idea of recycling has been around long enough that most people everywhere should do it as a way to lessen our carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly. It’s a small step we all can take to make our mark on the health of our planet. But it’s a safe bet that while most people know they should recycle, they probably don’t realize just how truly powerful the act of recycling can be once those plastic bottles and aluminum cans are picked up from their curb.

The most obvious impact of recycling is that it keeps disposable products from ending up in landfills, which are filling up faster than we can create new ones. And while that is undoubtedly an enormous benefit, it might not be the most powerful one.

When products are recycled, they are broken down into more basic materials such as plastic pellets and liquified metal. Those basic materials can then be used to manufacture new products. This process has two huge environmental benefits. The first is that sourcing recycled materials to create new products significantly cuts down on the raw materials needed to produce the items that we all use every day. From water bottles and backpacks to athletic shoes and even electronics, the variety of items that incorporate recycled materials are growing every day.

Not only are more products being made from recycled materials, but many of those new products are created specifically to help reduce—or even eliminate— single-use items that needlessly create adverse environmental impacts. It was with that concept in mind that zak! created our new line of Harmony water bottles. Not only are the Harmony bottles made from 75-76% recycled materials (depending on the lid type), they’re fully reusable, which means they help eliminate the need for disposable water bottles, cans, and cups.

As we all get to work incorporating ways to be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives, it’s important to realize that separating out your recyclables is only the first step we should take. We should also search for products that are made from the materials we work so hard to give new life, showing the world that making a commitment to the planet should be a priority for all of us.

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