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How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Posted on December 07, 2016

If you’re entering the holiday season with any intent on sticking to a certain diet, lifestyle, or other seemingly impossible feat—we know how you’re feeling right about now. There are new holiday drinks at Starbucks. There are lists that now need crossing off. There are things to do. There are people to see. Just thinking about everything that we have to do can get a little dizzying. So in an effort to get us all healthily through the holidays, we’ve drafted up a quick guide to surviving this time of year while maintaining your routines.

Drink Lots of Water

Your body works a lot better when it has the right amount of nutrients fueling it—and water is the number one most important nutrient. Dehydration can make you more drowsy, confused, sluggish, and can even cause fainting! AKA: nothing that we want happening to us during this busy time of year. So be smart and and drink up!

Allow Yourself to Indulge—But Keep Proper Portions in Mind

Of course you’re going to drink peppermint mochas, eat velvety fudge, and try that new holiday tart at your local bakery—what are the holidays without some sugary delights? But the trick is to do it all in moderation by setting limits for yourself and knowing (and sticking to) those limits. Trust us: we’ve been in one too many cookie comas to know that this year, we’re going to try to find that perfect sugary balance.

Take Time for Yourself

We know, we know. This is hard! It sounds so simple: just take time for yourself during the holidays! But it turns out, we can get pretty caught up in all the lists, duties, and responsibilities that being a host or guest can have. So our advice to you is to take some time—whether it’s five minutes or an entire day—for yourself, to reboot, to do something that brings you peace and joy.

Create a Routine (and Stick to It)

If you make a routine for yourself before you need it, it makes it a lot easier to stick to it once push comes to shove (or, as will probably happen, once cookie comes in eyesight). Creating little healthy habits are a good way to also keep yourself mindful and intentional—great things to be in these busy times. Plus, it’s a great reason to tell Auntie Marge that, no, we cannot pick up another package from the post office—you have a yoga class to get to.


Again, this is one of those “sounds so simple, is actually hard” things on this list. Because when your perfectly baked pumpkin pie falls face-down on the floor or when your flight gets delayed for a third time, it’s hard to remember to laugh. Trust us, though, when you laugh at the things that go wrong, life becomes so much easier. So crank up the holiday tunes and remind yourself that pumpkin pie isn’t totally necessary for the dinner in three hours.

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