How to Make a DIY Holiday Hostess Gift Basket

How to Make a DIY Holiday Hostess Gift Basket

Posted on December 08, 2017

The holiday season is officially here, so whether you’re preparing a hostess gift ahead of Christmas or a holiday gift basket for your neighbor, you won’t want to miss this easy and elegant DIY holiday basket. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:


  1. Bowl – What is a gift basket without the basket? Rather than using a throwaway basket, use a cute bowl that the hostess will re-use and treasure for years to come! It’s like this DIY was made for Zak’s Confetti collection! The Confetti line is made of recycled materials to create a unique and colorful ‘flecked’ appearance, much like its namesake. Zak offers both dinnerware and serveware products in this popular line, which makes these bowls great for both gifting, and using for food preparation and serveware too – without compromising style along the way! The White Serving Bowl we used for this particular DIY is a stylish choice!
  2. Happy Spoon – The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by gifting this cheerful Happy Face Serving Spoon!
  3. Wine goblet(s) – The Trinity Stemless Wine Glass is an elegant and durable solution to your DIY gift basket! The trendy shape lends an air of sophistication wherever it’s needed. You’ll never have to worry about it shattering and becoming a hazard, because it’s made of durable, break-resistant plastic.
  4. Wine Bottle – A mini rose’ is cute and fits perfectly!
  5. Fresh Blooms – We used pink roses and eucalyptus
  6. Coasters – Marble and wood is always in style.
  7. Bottle opener – You can’t go wrong with copper and marble!
  8. Filler – White crinkle cut paper is subtle, which allows the gifts to pop and be the stars of the gift basket!


  • Place large items (like your wine bottle) down first. Fill in the bottom of the basket with filler paper. Add in additional items (stemless wine glass, etc.) and fresh blooms. Our tip: In lieu of a traditional basket, a bowl that can be repurposed and reused later makes a great gift that keeps on giving! Once all of your items are in place, tuck remaining small blooms and eucalyptus into your basket to fill in any empty space. More is definitely better in this case!
  • Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the largest item in your basket. In our example, we tied a twine bow-tie around the neck of the happy face spoon!

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