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How to Freshen Up Your Small Space

Posted on April 19, 2017

It’s spring! Yay! Now amid all the spring cleaning you want to do, there’s something else that you’ve noticed… Your small space is, well, small. And it’s pretty much looked the same since last autumn. You need to spruce it up, but you’re unsure where to start. Luckily, we do know where to start. Check out our tips for getting your tiny space looking fresh and chic!

Toss Out the Junk

We’re talking that old wine bottle that you’ve been saving to do that DIY candle craft thing you saw on Pinterest… Three years ago. In your tiny space, there’s only room for so much – so toss what doesn’t make you smile. Trust us, minimalism is in.

Rethink Your Layout

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Get unconventional! Sure, the people in the apartment before you laid out their living room in a certain way, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow that plan. Think of ways to create more space with what you have – whether it’s by rearranging the couch so that it’s not against the wall or by using floating shelves to give you more space, there are always ways to get creative with small spaces.

Move Furniture So It Feels New

Got a lamp in your bedroom that you don’t use too much? Move it to the living room. Switch your throw pillows from your couch for the ones on your bed. Swap rugs. Change the art on the walls. Besides the main stuff – like beds, couches, and dressers – most everything can transition from one room to another! You’ll feel like you just went shopping with all the “new” stuff that you’ve switched up around the apartment.

Get Plants!

One of our favorite and fail-proof ways to spruce up a tiny space on an even tinier budget is to add some greenery to the mix! It helps that succulents are the trendy decor piece at the moment – sprucing up your apartment is just a quick trip to the closest grocery store or bodega. Be creative about your placement: you can hang them in DIY macrame hangers, display them on a ladder, or even in your very own Zak! Confetti prep bowls!

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