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How To Care For Melamine Dinnerware

Posted on November 15, 2017

How to Care For Your Melamine Dishes

With their bright colors and durable construction, melamine dinnerware adds pizzazz to any snack or meal. But now that you’ve got the perfect melamine dish set to complement your décor, how do you take care of it so that it lasts?

Melamine Dish Sets Are Easy to Care For

Like other plastics, melamine is a pretty tough material. But you can take a few simple steps to keep your dinnerware looking vibrant and stylish longer. Let’s start with the big question:

Is Melamine Dishwasher Safe?

  • Yes, melamine is dishwasher safe! However, be aware that the dishwasher can fade your dinnerware’s colors somewhat.

Got it? Great! Now, here are some other tips, tricks, and day-to-day routines to keep in mind as well:

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Melamine

  • Do use soft sponges when you clean your melamine dishes by hand.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool on melamine, because they can scratch and cause wear.
  • Don’t use serrated knives or other sharp utensils, because they can nick the surface of the plate.
  • Don’t put melamine in a microwave oven. Its high temperatures can cause your dishes to warp or melt.
  • Don’t put melamine dishes in a conventional or convection oven, either.
  • Do inspect your dishes every so often and throw away any cracked, warped, or melted plates.
  • Do pre-soak your dinnerware if you have stuck-on food or a particularly stubborn stain.

Because it’s lightweight and more durable than porcelain, melamine is a long-time favorite for dinnerware. Now that you know how simple it is to care for, you can enjoy your melamine dinnerware for a long time to come.

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