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Melamine Dinner Plates

Zak Designs Melamine Dinnerware, Melamine Plates and Melamine Dishes

Melamine Plates and Melamine Dinnerware are Back!

Why use melamine plates? Zak Designs melamine dinnerware is fabulous for most everyday scenarios. Here are a few reasons to stock your kitchen with melamine tableware:

  • It’s casual. For a quick bowl of cereal in the morning or a snack after school, melamine offers the perfect, low-maintenance vehicle for your favorite foods.
  • It’s fashionable. Just because melamine is casual doesn’t mean it’s drab! We offer plates in a range of colors, and designs ranging from bold solids to ultra-modern patterns.
  • It’s kid-friendly. We mentioned how durable melamine is. But it’s also lightweight, which makes it perfect for meals with the family. Plus, children will love our fun designs featuring their favorite characters.
  • It retains heat Melamine makes a good insulator, so you’re less likely to burn yourself when you serve hot food on melamine tableware.