coffee bar diy

coffee bar diy

Posted on September 25, 2017

A coffee bar adds warmth and coziness to any space and oozes hospitality. When guests come over, they can easily access coffee or other beverages all in one spot. Creating a coffee bar doesn’t necessarily require extreme DIY skills. To start out, all you really need is some counter space – it could be an existing counter, a shelf, or even a separate table or cart. Then, simply add key elements to spruce it up, using our 5 helpful hints.

We chose a soft color palette of mint and taupe tones, selected from this elegant porcelain dinnerware collection by zak designs. Using these mugs and saucers, you can mix and match different patterns with solid colors to create a stunning coffee bar that communicates your own idea of beauty. So spruce up your coffee shelfie, or create an elaborate coffee bar with these tips:

  1. Coffee sign – Is any coffee bar complete without a cheeky sign referencing your love/need for caffeine first thing in the morning? Extra points for humor! We opted for a changeable letter board sign that can be updated based on your #mood.
  2. Coffee Maker – The anchor of the coffee bar! Whether it’s a french press, a drip machine or a pour over coffee maker, this is a non-negotiable component of a coffee bar.
  3. Succulents or fresh flowers – If you don’t have a garden from which you can regularly cut fresh flowers, succulents will look great in a pinch!
  4. Porcelain Mugs – We set up taupe and mint mugs and saucers from this aforementioned dinnerware set. We just love the way mint and taupe look together – trendy yet sophisticated. This subtle color palette in delicate foliage prints will add a touch of elegance to any coffee bar!
  5. Hooks – you can arrange the coffee mugs in a cute tray or even right on the countertop, but if you have just a little DIY know-how, you could also elect to install hooks on or around the coffee bar. Hanging mugs from hooks frees up counter space, and it looks cute too!

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