Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Posted on September 12, 2017

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Dinnertime Décor

Setting the table is about the little details as much as color and concept. Sure, using bold and vibrant dinnerware (like in our many casual dinnerware collections) will certainly make an impression. But throwing in a few extra touches can turn a more muted palette into something sophisticated and memorable.

One way to freshen up your look is to incorporate plants into the décor, bringing in an organic element to soften the effect of all of those identical place settings. You can easily grow or scavenge your materials, creating seasonal style based on what you find in your garden. Plants work especially well if you need fall table setting ideas, since they play into the theme of the autumn harvest.

From the small and simple to the crafty, do it yourself centerpieces, it doesn’t take a lot to spruce up your tablescape. Check out some of these inspirational Instagrams we found to help you design the perfect addition to dinnertime.

1. Glass bottle candleholders are a useful centerpiece, as well as efficient—you can make them interesting and decorative by filling the bottles with water and plant clippings. The natural wilderness is confined by glass, resulting in a clean, minimalistic effect.

Minimalism x creative inspiration for your next event / @nudatevents

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2. Fold your napkins with a little pocket and tuck a sprig of fresh herbs inside. Useful as well as attractive, it leaves a fragrant scent and strikes the perfect balance of rural and elegant.

3. This arrangement is recognizably seasonal, with autumn leaves, a pinecone, and a color scheme of red and gold. Leaving the bark on the wooden base gives it a rustic appearance, and its weight is countered by the glass vase for an airy, cheerful centerpiece.

4. This candle wreath is an approach to do it yourself fall centerpieces with a very different look. It combines a variety of plants and natural materials, with contrasting depths and textures. Check out Stacey Homemaker’s blog for instructions on how to make your own!

5. When it comes to fall, a little pumpkin goes a long way. This simple arrangement of squash has a homey charm for a comfortable meal.

6. For something a little more low-key, just throw a few elements of fall into an existing centerpiece. You can easily paint your own sign with any seasonal phrase or design, and the straw wreath is an excellent symbol of harvest. It creates an interesting contrast when paired with the potted succulents.

7. And speaking of succulents, you can dress up your collection by repotting them in ourdinner bowls. With fun speckles and a variety of colors, they’re exactly what you need to turn any centerpiece into a celebration.

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