Bring Home the Beach with Zak Designs

Bring Home the Beach with Zak Designs

Posted on June 19, 2017

Bring Home the Beach

The days are getting longer and the air is scented with aromatic flowers in bloom. Now you’re just waiting for the gentle breeze to roll in from the ocean. It doesn’t matter that you’re miles from the closest body of water; you can still feel that salty caress on your face and picture the way the sun sparkles on the shore. This burst of happiness could only mean one thing: outdoor dining is at its peak season.

Barbecue prepped? Lawn chairs washed? You’ve taken care of the big items, but now you’re at a loss for that nagging feeling. What’s missing?

The realization hits like a wave crashing upon the rocky shore. Dinnerware. How could you forget the dinnerware?

Relax! Our tropical kitchen colors have come to the rescue.

Sitting by the Seashore

You can select from our Ella or Strand casual dinnerware collections, each featuring bright trend-forward colors that will secure your place on the dinner party rotation. Did you spend summers along the shores of the lake? Are you infused with the beach-casual vibe of life along the coast? Regardless of your interpretation of “strand,” we’re here to help you bring a little more joy into life.

The Ella Collection, in solid Malta, Vert, Seaglass and Salmon, features

  • 6-inch bowls
  • 9-inch plates
  • 11-inch plates

The Strand Collection, with its cheerful, beach-inspired stripes, features

  • 6-inch bowls
  • 8-inch plates
  • 10-inch plates
  • 18-oz tumblers
  • 24-oz tumblers

You can combine the coastal decor of your choice with our durable, elegant beach dinnerware to create the perfect seashore or lake shore ambiance.

Chasing the Waves

You don’t need a backyard pool to conjure the breeze tumbling gently over pebbles and shells lining the shore. A little imagination and a great decor display, along with our BPA-free melamine products, will set you up for a tablescape to remember. Whether you have little ones who love to play ocean-inspired make-believe or a puppy who just wants to eat alongside his people, you can relax knowing our durable melamine will stand up to those rough ‘n tumble (and slobbery) waves.

Whether you’re envisioning anything from casual Bermuda nights to lively Polynesian luaus, your beach decor and matching seascape dinnerware — thanks to our Ella and Strand Collections — will bring out summer’s finest glow at your next tropical backyard celebration. Where is your happy place?

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