Best Dad-Friendly Diners Along the West Coast

Best Dad-Friendly Diners Along the West Coast

Posted on June 16, 2017

This Father’s Day, you’re probably planning on taking your dad out for some brunch, right? (Or maybe you just want to order him a bunch of awesome Star Wars gear). Either way, we’re sure your dad will love it. If you go the brunch route, you’re in for a treat – because we’ve got all the intel on the best places to take your Pops out and let him know that you appreciate him and… All that fun stuff. So grab a Zak! coffee travel mug and hit the road, cause we’re taking you on a tour of the best diners along the United States’s West Coast!

Harry’s Coffee Shop
San Diego, California

This diner takes the spirit of New York and brings it to the West Coast. If you’re looking to come here, you better be willing and able to down massive (and delicious) omelettes! Harry’s may specialize in omelettes, but lucky diners can also have a taste of unique bacon pancakes and creative takes on traditional espresso drinks. The shop has been family-run and owned since the 1960s – and the owners today are actually the three sons of the original founders. Enjoy!

Loose Kaboose Diner
Seaview, Washington
Skyline Restaurant
Portland, Oregon

If you ever find yourself on the very southwestern tip of Washington, you NEED to head over to the Loose Kaboose Diner – a traincar-themed joint where clanking dishes and welcoming waitresses create a warm aura along the misty coastline. But be sure to come with an appetite, because one order could feasibly last you for a week. Okay, so maybe we’re exaggerating. The point is: there’s a lot of food! It’s a small space (there are only a couple of seats) so be prepared to wait while you work up your appetite.

What better place to take your dad out for a Father’s Day breakfast than at a diner that is also a car service operator? That’s right. There’s no better place. Don’t let the run-down, chipping paint exterior fool you – this is the spot to scratch your breakfast itch. While their breakfast exceeds expectations, it’s their burger that takes home the big prize: a hulking, juicy, greasy mess of bread and steak and condiments. Plus, they mix whole slices of pie into their shakes, so you really can’t go wrong. Right?

Eddies Cafe
San Francisco, California

When you think “San Francisco,” we’re fairly certain that “amazing, affordable diners” isn’t the phrase that pops up into your mind. And if it is, well that just means that you must already know about Eddie’s. Located in Alamo Square, this Southern comfort food eatery defies all expectations – but, in a good way of course. Listen to old timey music while digging into savory biscuits, chicken, and other delicacies from a comfort-food daydream.

Which place are you most excited to try? Our money’s on the Loose Kaboose Diner. Or maybe Eddie’s? Actually. We just want to grab our tumblers, hit the road, and take our Pops on the trip of a lifetime. Who’s in?

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