8 Essential Things You NEED to Throw Any Kind Of Party

8 Essential Things You NEED to Throw Any Kind Of Party

Posted on February 13, 2017

If you know us, you know that we LOVE throwing chic parties. And we’ve gotten pretty good at throwing them on a minute’s notice — but that’s because we also have some tricks up our sleeves. If you’ve ever wanted to start a capsule wardrobe, our trick is pretty much like that… But for parties. In our view, every party — no matter the theme — can be quickly thrown together just by having these 8 essential things in your back pocket (or storage closet, same diff). And now we’re gonna let you in on our secrets.

1. At Least Three Colors of Dinnerware That You Can Mix n’ Match

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Though we absolutely love our red, white, and pink setting for Valentine’s Day, we recommend keeping a set of dinnerware in black, white, and your favorite *pop* of color for a fun accent. Browse through our rainbow of options on our site!

2. A Couple Strings of Fairy Lights

Seriously, any party — be it for sports, awards shows, or simply to get the gals together to drink some mimosas — looks just a little bit chicer once you throw up a tasteful display of twinkle lights. Keep a couple strings on hand and get creative with different lighting variations to keep your many parties looking fresh and Instagrammable!

3. A Crockpot

If you’re on any sort of social media, we’re sure you’ve heard of the wonders of this magical kitchen appliance. All you have to do is throw a bunch of yummy ingredients in, go about your business throughout the day, and voila! It’s ready with almost no prep on your part.

4. A Huge Carafe

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Whether you’re hosting a bunch of screaming kids or a small bunch of wine-loving adults, a large carafe is always a necessary party addition. It makes serving easy and accessible — taking the onus of serving your guests off of you, the host, and letting everyone enjoy the chill flow of the party.

5. A Go-To Drink of Choice

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If you’re throwing a party in a rush, it can be easy to get bogged down in recipe and drink planning. But if you have a cemented plan of drinks that you use for every party — down to the brand and amount of alcohol per person ratio — you’ll be set. It’ll make your trip to the store much faster (plus it leaves you more time to enjoy the fruits of your party-planning labor).

6. A Well-Maintained Google Calendar

We know what it’s like to have a plan of perfection in your head: you know exactly what you’ll need, who’s coming, who’s not, and everyone’s individual dietary restrictions (But seriously, is Alice doing Whole30 again?). But then life happens and now it’s the day of and your brain has never been more scattered. If you did a touch of prepping and at least write down everything that you need to do in your calendar, even if the deadlines change, at least you won’t forget anything.

7. A Jammin’ Spotify Playlist

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Spotify is a godsend. And with their mixes for every imaginable genre, it’s incredibly easy to set the tone that you want your party to exude. Is it a wine and cheese kind of night? Good thing they have an amazing classical playlist. Is your party just the first stop for a night on the town? Their 90s throwback tunes will get the party started.

8. A Supportive Planning Crew

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Rome wasn’t built in a day and your party won’t be planned in one either (weeeeell, maybe it can be if you take this list to heart). But realistically, you’ll need some major support from your squad to really make this party shine on in the memories of your guests. Make sure to thank them with your support when it’s their turn to host and maybe give ‘em a generous pour the next time you fill up their cup.

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