10 Marvelous Spider-Man Party Ideas

10 Marvelous Spider-Man Party Ideas

Posted on November 18, 2017

Spiderman Party Ideas

Look out—here comes the Spider-Man! The way he swings through the darkened city on webs, stopping crime and saving the day, it’s no wonder little boys and girls love Spidey! If your birthday guy or gal is asking for a Spider-Man birthday party, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Favor bags are a must, and blogger Keisha completely nailed it for her Spider-Man birthday party.
  2. Colleen’s party featured this awesome Spiderman cupcakes cake. Red frosting everywhere? Totally worth it.
  3. We love the “Zap the Villain” Spider Man game from Superchikk. Kids can have a blast using water guns to shoot pictures of spider man villains taped to balloons.
  4. Amanda took some great shots of kiddos playing with Spider Man Web Spray (aka Silly String). But our favorite birthday party idea from her party was the scavenger hunt for the Spiderman cake!
  5. Who needs party hats? This is a Spider-Man birthday party—let the kids make their own cool masks.
  6. Blogger Amanda Graham posted tons of awesome décor ideas, but we especially love her custom-made Spider-Man party favor containers.
  7. Have a lull in your party? Keep the kids busy for a few minutes with Spiderman coloring books.
  8. Sweet treats abound at all birthday parties, so why not add these easy and fun Spider-Man cookies to the mix?
  9. Here’s another fun Spider-Man game for your guests: “Pin the Spider on the Web.”
  10. Disposable dinnerware is okay, but Zak! offers reusable Spider-Man plates, tumblers, and more. Let your guests take them home as Spiderman party favors or give one to the Spider-Man birthday kid!

Need more Spider-Man birthday party ideas? Follow us on Pinterest to see all the cool concepts we curate from around the Web.

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