10 Ideas for a Super Hero Party

10 Ideas for a Super Hero Party

Posted on March 18, 2017

10 Ideas for a Super Hero Party

It’s the new Golden Age of super heroes! With Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming out in theaters this summer, and an exciting lineup of upcoming DC and Marvel movies, these legendary comic book figures are more popular than ever. So whether it’s your young Avengers requesting a themed birthday, or just a friendly movie marathon, here are a few super hero party ideas to spice up any gathering.

  1. Let’s start off with a BIFF! BANG! POW! Kendra shows off decorations for a super hero party that are inspired by the old-timey look of vintage comics. They’re homemade and easy to personalize for anyone’s secret identity.
  2. It’s not quite a chimichanga, but if you’re looking for super hero food ideas, Rosanna demonstrates how to make a Deadpool pepperoni pizza in this video!
  3. Possess the power of Mjølnir with Thor’s hammer snacks as made by Sara. (Maybe these serving trays will help.)
  4. For a sweet treat to take on the go, Dedri’s marshmallow Cape Pops are a fun and creative choice.
  5. And of course, no party refreshments are complete without cake. It’s hard to choose just one recipe, so here are three Marvel-ous options for decorating super hero cupcakes!
  • A super hero party game might help kids burn off some of that sugar. Christine offers plenty of ideas for games that are sure to entertain.
  • For something a little quieter, these printables from DC Kids include a variety of fun activities, from coloring pages to science experiments.
  • When it’s time to send the kids home, Tiffany has an idea for a crafting flashlight Bat-Signals that you can add to the party favors.
  • Once everyone present is over the drinking age, you can break out some of these Batman-inspired cocktails collected by Rachel! Don’t forget to drink with great responsibility.!
  • And finally, check out our collection of Geek Gear , from DC pint glasses to Marvel super hero coffee mugs. It’s everyday dinnerware for the super hero fan that can turn any meal into a party!
  • Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our various super hero boards on Pinterest .

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