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Geek Gear

Geek Gear
Why let kids have all the fun? Grownups can be geeks too, and we've got all the geek gear you need. Check out our Marvel collection, or maybe you're a DC Comics fan—no matter your fandom, you'll find superhero coffee mugs, character pint glasses, and plenty of other collectibles to show off.
and glasses
the perfect pair
Store your drink in a vacuum-insulated jug to keep it from losing its chill, then serve it up in a licensed collectible pint glass.
fan-favorite recipes
We don't exactly have banthas here on planet Earth, so we had to adapt this recipe to locally available ingredients. But all you have to do is throw them into a blender, which is probably easier than milking a bantha anyway.
customer review
“I needed some classy dishes that were good enough for company, but showed my fun side. These are perfect… #adultingWin” –CKT of Austin, TX