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Kitchen tools
The light and colorful kitchen tools make cooking fun for the whole family. Our BPA-free colanders, mixing bowls, slotted spoons and utensils are cute, functional and dishwasher-safe. Although our products are innovative and unique, they’re also durable. They make great gifts for cooks and college students.
mixing and
prep bowls
for a colorful kitchen
Are you mixing a salad? Baking a cake? Premeasuring ingredients before you start cooking so you won’t have to run to the grocery store mid-recipe? There’s a bowl for that. We have a variety of sets, sizes, and colors that will make kitchen prep easy.
healthy recipes
When you have the urge to snack, kale is a healthy alternative to potato chips and candy. With just a few added ingredients, this vegetable bakes into crunchy and flavorful chips that can satisfy your salty craving.
customer review
"They appear to be good quality and should hold up with repeated use. They have not stained after quite a few uses already. I put them in the dishwasher and they come out looking new. They are different and cute. I will be giving them as gifts." – Madre of Twin Cities, MNL