zak designs


Kitchen tools
Looking for kitchen tools to prep and serve your favorite meals? Pick up an easy-to-use garlic peeler or a happy face kitchen spoon to brighten the mood. We have mixing bowl sets, food storage, prep bowls, and a variety of utensils in different styles and color stories. Everything you need to fill your kitchen with fun.
a smile for every scoop
Whether you’re stirring in the kitchen or serving at the table, this smiling spoon can lift a mood like a helium balloon. It’s great for parties and celebrations, with different sizes and colors to suit any situation.
in-a-pinch recipes
Gluten-free and Paleo-approved, this colorful rice substitute replaces grains with healthy vegetables. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the rice cooker—it only takes a few minutes to make.
plates ever!"
customer review
“We purchased the microwaveable plates after a long and extensive search for a plate that wouldn’t melt when reheating leftovers. These plates…are marvelous in the microwave. And as an added bonus, they are the perfect size for a small lunch or dinner…we are really pleased with the quality and durability.” – Miki of San Jose, CA