zak designs


Kitchen tools
The light and colorful kitchen tools make cooking fun for the whole family. Our BPA-free colanders, mixing bowls, slotted spoons and utensils are cute, functional and dishwasher-safe. Although our products are innovative and unique, they’re also durable. They make great gifts for cooks and college students.
a smile for every scoop
Whether you’re stirring in the kitchen or serving at the table, this smiling spoon can lift a mood like a helium balloon. It’s great for parties and celebrations, with different sizes and colors to suit any situation.
go-to recipes
Simple and easy to adapt, this method of cooking vegetables results in a sweeter flavor and a deliciously crispy texture.
customer review
"I have lots of white ceramic platters and wanted something for outdoors, this platter is very light weight...Love the handles and great size for entertaining."
- Brandyw of Cedar Park, TX