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What are you drinking? From coffee to soda to just plain water, zak! Designs has solutions for all your drinkware needs! Check out durable plastic tumblers with colorful designs, perfect for entertaining both outdoors and in the dining room. Our water bottles have a variety of fun features to help you stay hydrated, and character coffee mugs will liven up your morning cup of joe. With all these and more, you’ll always have the right drinkware for any beverage you choose.
water intake calculator
Make sure you drink enough water every day! Both practical and stylish, these water bottles have colorful silicone bands that roll up to help you count each refill.
best brewed coffee
the best method for you
Don’t get overwhelmed by the features, flavors, and different methods of making coffee. This quick guide will help you decide which brew suits you best.
customer review
"I have used this…and it has really helped me increase my water intake…easily went from drinking about less than 20 ounces a day to OVER 80 ounces."
– HappyH2ODrinker from Severna Park, MD