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A plastic tumbler is a colorful and durable solution to fragile drinkware. They’re lightweight and sturdy enough to be used outdoors as well as in the dining room, and you don’t have to worry about dangerous broken glass near your picnics, your pool parties, or your children. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can easily find plastic tumblers that match your dinnerware. They’re also available in different sizes, so you’ll always have the right tumbler at hand for any beverage you choose.
calculate your intake
Our award-winning HydraTrak design helps you keep track of the water you drink. Just roll a colorful silicone band up the bottle or tumbler each time you refill it, and count them up at the end of the day. It’s a simple and stylish solution to healthy hydration.
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wake up call
Love drinking coffee? Great! Just make sure now to overdo it. Find out all you need to know about caffeine to get the most from your morning joe.
the cups"
customer review
"These are great cups. I had a zak cup from years ago and wanted more colors. Purchased four in various delicious colors."
– Sylvie of Seattle, WA