Top 4 American Road Trips to Take This Summer

Top 4 American Road Trips to Take This Summer

Posted on June 02, 2017

Summertime is the perfect time to get up and GO! …But where to, you may ask. Good question. While there are awesome routes to take all across the world, there is certainly nothing more nostalgic than the classic American road trip. From the rugged cliffs of the USA’s West Coast to the quaint towns of the Northeast to the tumbleweed-covered highways of the Midwest, check out these top 4 great American road trips to take this summer:

Antelope Valley, California

Bright golden poppy flowers at Antelope Valley, California in spring time

About an hour and a half north of Los Angeles sits the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve – and in the summer, the usually barren desert transforms into a blanket of stunning yellow poppies. You can park your car high on a lookout in the reserve to catch sweeping views of the breathtaking sight. Most visitors like to visit the spot during the day, so beat the rush and go at sunrise. Not only will it be less crowded, it will also be cooler and you’ll get a unique view.

Upstate New York

Poughkeepsie, New York: Hoffman House (c. 1740-1780), part of Hudson Valley's Dutch heritage, was the home of Walter Livingston, a political figure of the American Revolution

Take US Route 9 through 57 miles of the Empire State and be prepared to have your perceptions of what “New York” looks like shattered. Quaint towns – complete with organic farms, friendly locals, and farmers markets selling artisan wares and local produce – are boldly interrupted by historic estates as you drive north alongside the state line. Be sure to make frequent stops as you spot looming mansions, charming markets, and even a drive-in theater!

Columbia River Scenic Highway, Oregon

View in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

Created just as the automobile started gaining traction in the public eye, this highway winds its way past sparkling waterfalls, lush forests, tokens from Western pioneers, and other memorable sights. This 75-mile trail travels alongside the rushing Columbia River Gorge – and was purposely constructed in 1913 to be a scenic route. End your drive in Portland and begin another kind of adventure altogether as your sort your way through a city of one-way streets and bearded hipsters.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Panoramic view of Bixby Creek Bridge and the dramatic Pacific Ocean coastline, Big Sur, California

Perhaps the most famous of United States road trips is the Pacific Coast Highway. It slices along the rugged West Coast – dancing atop sheer cliffs and overlooking the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. At 655 miles long, the stretch clocks in as the longest state route in California. Be sure to stop and stare at natural phenomena along the Big Sur stretch, like its winding twists, its misty vistas, and its unconquered rugged nature. Other highlights include the architectural masterpiece, Hearst Castle, quaint seaside towns, and hip surf cities where you can grab a milkshake and some fries.

Which road trip are you most looking forward to taking this summer? We’re all in to take all of these, as long as we have our travel tumblers with us. Are there any other road trips that you’re thinking of taking? Share them with us in the comments below!

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