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Tips for a Sweet Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2016

  1. Keep Up the Cheer… Even in the Airport

    We know it’s hard, but it’s better than yelling at an airline employee and getting stuck in the middle seat.

  2. Bring Snacks for the Airplane From Home

    Trust us, you don’t want the regret of seeing that measly $20 cheese platter on your credit card bill.

  3. Focus on People, Not Crafts

    Your friends and family will remember the warm feelings of holiday cheer this season, not your elaborate Wreath Witherspoon that you sunk 15 hours into.<

  4. Share Your Holiday Traditions With Others

    Nothing spreads holiday cheer faster than inviting friends and family into your home and sharing your weird (and charming) traditions with them.

  5. Leave a Time Buffer for Yourself Before Guests Arrive

    Pop that bubbly, you deserve it.

  6. Get Organized… In Style!

    No more leaky flour bags — you’ll be the most organized host on the block (Unless you live next to Martha Stewart. In that case, good luck competing).

  7. Technology is Your New BFF

    We bet Jill can’t send automatic reminders to your guests about what they signed up to bring for the holiday party. Sorry, Jill.

  8. Be Creative… Use a Canister as a Box!

    Look at you, Ms. Creative.

  9. Clean Up Throughout the Day

    To avoid that huge stack of dishes at the end of the day, recruit guests to help keep the kitchen tidy in small bouts throughout the day. Plus, nothing beats gossip ‘round the kitchen sink. I mean, did you see what Auntie Marge was wearing?

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