Snack Time Table Art

Snack Time Table Art

Posted on January 02, 2018

Make Mealtime Fun

When my kids come home from school, they are always ready for a snack.They don’t have a very large repertoire of food they will try, so we tend to have the same snacks over and over again. They typically inhale these snacks and move on to their next activity. I have been looking for ways to get them to slow down while eating as well as encouraging them to try new things. When I saw these Table Art Serving Sets, I knew I found my answer. These triangle and half moon serving sets not only make mealtime (or snack time in this case) fun, but they help kids slow down, try new foods and even provide learning opportunities! What makes these Table Art serving sets so great is that they come in triangle and semi circle (half moon) shapes that kids can use to learn about shapes and make fun snack pictures.

The mom in me loves these plates for serving snack to kids. My kids don’t normally go for healthy snacks, but I was able to sneak some good-for-you treats like fruit, trail mix and cheese on these. The kids viewed the serving sets as a sampling platter and they made sure to try some food from each plate. I think they would work perfectly for a play date as well when you have a lots of kids to serve.

It wasn’t long before my kids discovered that they could use the shaped plates to create art. They moved triangles and semi circles around the table, snacking and working together. The number of things you can make using various combinations of the plates is really amazing!

Four triangle plates make a tree.

My kids discovered they could combine two triangle plates to make a square that could be used as the base for a house.

Those same three triangle plates became the eyes and nose of a smiley face, and the semi-circle can then become the bottom of a sailboat.

As you can see, the possibilities are really endless with these Table Art Serving Sets. If you are looking for ways to make meal or snack time fun, these are a winner. I have served food and dip in them at parties as well, and can I tell you, adults find them every bit as fun as kids do.

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