Reusable straws: eco-friendly and fun!

Reusable straws: eco-friendly and fun!

Posted on November 15, 2017

Reusable straws: eco-friendly and fun!

If you’re interested in helping the environment, you’ve heard that you should “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” So you recycle whenever you can. But what about reducing waste and reusing the items you have on hand?

Reusable straws are one easy way to go green. We absolutely love straws, and we couldn’t count the number of disposable ones we’ve tossed into landfills in the past. But with Zak’s colorful, reusable straws, our families can enjoy our beverages free from the guilt that comes with creating lots of trash.

Here are some more reasons reusable straws are awesome:
Reusable straws are a great way to make your beverage breaks more environmentally friendly, but they’re great for lots of reasons. Stock up today!

  • They’re fun! Zak offers colorful designs, including dots and stripes, to coordinate with your cups and dinnerware.
  • Sensitive to temperatures? If cold drinks bother your teeth, using a straw can help you enjoy frosty beverages again.
  • If you love iced tea or coffee, but hate the thought of discoloring your teeth, reusable straws let you enjoy your drinks without worrying about unsightly stains.
  • Kids love them! If you have trouble getting your kids to drink enough fluids on hot days, a colorful straw can entice them to drink more. If they don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, blend up a tasty smoothie and throw a straw in it.

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  • Hi Ardis, you can certainly order replacement straws. If you go to our Customer Service team can help you find the right straw

    zak designs on
  • Why can’t I order replacement straws for your cups?

    Ardis Scott on

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