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Make Hydration Exciting with zak! Kids Water Bottles

Posted on July 13, 2023

Every parent knows the challenges of instilling healthy habits in their kids. Some kids won’t eat their vegetables, others won’t eat at all, and some seem like they require zero sleep while still having the energy to drive their parents crazy. Another common challenge with young kids is getting them to drink plenty of water.

There’s so much advertising around us, and it’s hard not to notice all of the sweet and fizzy beverages that are so readily available. And unfortunately, a lot of this advertising is marketed toward kids.

With their bright colored packaging and cool mascots with catchy tunes, kids can become obsessed with certain products that they just have to have, and they will never be satisfied until they get it. The sad truth about this is that many advertisers know exactly what they are doing - they are selling an image that children will associate with the good feeling they get when they gulp down those sugary drinks.

Have you ever seen a toddler have a melt down in the candy aisle of a grocery store and thought that they must have irresponsible parents? Well you probably don’t feel that way after having your own kids because you know what it’s like.

Kids can be very demanding and selfish, but the fact is they don’t know any better. And these kinds of behaviors can wear a parent’s patience so thin that it’s just easier to give them what they want.

This is why it’s so important to help your kids establish healthy habits and patterns of behavior in their early years. When your kids learn to do what is best for themselves and begin to reap the rewards of positive behavior, this creates a relationship in their mind between healthy actions and happy living.

Although you have to choose your battles with young children, it’s the small victories along the way that make a real difference in the long run.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can help your kids establish healthy habits, like drinking plenty of water from kids water bottles, that will help them go on to be happy and successful individuals.

Set a Great Example

We’ve all heard the age old adage, “Monkey see; monkey do.” Well, our kids are not monkeys (even though they can act like it at times!), but they will certainly copy the grown ups in their lives by doing the best they can to mimic their behaviors. This is especially true for small children.

When kids are very little, they think that their parents know everything! And from their perspective, this certainly makes sense. Their parents cook, clean, and provide for them, and they always seem to know what’s going on and what needs to happen next.

What’s even more important about this age is that kids still think their parents are cool! This provides a great opportunity for parents to show their kids what’s good for them by presenting healthy habits like they’re the cool thing to do (which they are!).

One way you can show your kids how cool you are is by eating healthy and staying hydrated. When you educate them on the importance of having a healthy diet and set an example by following your own advice, kids will grow up knowing how to make good choices when it comes to taking care of their bodies.

Also, kids want to be active, and they want you to be active with them. Let them know that in order for you to have the energy and stamina to run around like they do, it’s important for you to live a healthy lifestyle. This lets your kids know that there is value in taking care of their health.

If you want your “monkeys” to see what you’re doing and follow in your footsteps, try getting them their own kids water bottle and other lifestyle products. When they see you with your water bottle always within arm’s reach, they will want to do the same by taking their kids water bottle with them wherever they go.

Set Goals with Your Kids

Setting goals and following through with them is one of the hardest things to do in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and allow yourself to fall into a routine.

And let’s face it; parenting can be exhausting. Sometimes when you get the kids to bed, all you want to do is sit on the couch, watch some TV, and maybe eat some junk food. When you find yourself slipping into this pattern, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow.

One way to avoid this is by setting goals with your kids and with yourself and keeping each other accountable. These goals can be simple things, like spending a certain amount of time outside every week, reading a certain number of pages every night, and drinking enough water throughout the day.

Setting goals with your kids gives you something you can work on and do together. Try to help your kids stay excited about their goals and set milestones for them so they can track their progress. And when they accomplish something they set out to do, give them a reward! But don’t forget to reward yourself as well!

For example, you can decide with your kids how much water they should be drinking every day, and after they meet their goal every day for a week, they can get their very own kids water bottle! That way they will be excited to do something that is easy and good for them, and when they get their own kids water bottle, they will be even more excited to use it.

Even though they didn’t buy it, they still worked for it. This will teach them the importance of working towards something, and it will create positive associations between effort and reward.

Communicate with Your Kids

When you were a kid, did anyone ever tell you to do something that didn’t make sense to you? You might have asked, “Why?” but all you got in return was, “Because I said so.”

This is such a frustrating thing to hear as a kid because you want to know everything! It can also lead children to feel powerless and resentful toward authority figures.

When you explain things to your kids, you are providing them with the knowledge they need to make their own decisions later in life. Is there anything you can remember from your own childhood that always stuck with you? I bet there is, and you probably let it influence your decisions without even knowing it.

One of the great (and sometimes not so great) things about kids is that they remember everything! And they tend to take things at face value. When you explain things to your kids, like why it’s important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water from their kids water bottles, they will probably remember those words for a long time to come.

Another great way to communicate with your kids is by asking them what they think and providing feedback. This shows them that their opinions matter. Also, when you provide feedback, this helps them form their own opinions while considering new information they may not have known before.

Asking your kids to participate in decision making can improve their self confidence and help them follow through with their plans because they were able to make their own decisions.

Let Your Kids Indulge Once in a While

One of the problems with trying to make lifestyle changes is that we tend to have an “all or nothing” mindset. It’s difficult to do everything perfectly, and you’ll likely get off track somewhere along the way.

When we are too strict with ourselves and with our kids, we can easily become overwhelmed. It may seem like it’s impossible to stay on track one hundred percent of the time. That’s why planning your indulgences can help you stick to your goals. If they are already part of the plan, then you are less likely to give up on your plans because of a cheat day.

Set aside one day a week to rest and be lazy with your kids. You can use this day to sleep in, eat snacks that you normally wouldn’t eat during the week, and go to a movie instead of going for a run. It’s important to let your kids know that just because they are giving in to their cravings every once in a while, it doesn’t mean that they have failed.

Hopefully this article has given you some good ideas about how you can help your kids make better choices for themselves by communicating with them and setting a positive example. If you are looking for a way to reward your kids and provide them with some tools to tackle their healthy living goals, consider getting them a kids water bottle that they can take with them anywhere.

Kids Water Bottles

Here are some of the awesome features of zak! kids water bottles that will help your kids stay hydrated like a grown up!

zak! Kids Water Bottles Are Sturdy

Kids water bottles by zak! are made to endure any adventure that you might go on with your kids. Whether they get dropped, stepped on, or rolled down a hill, their durable design will keep them in one piece while keeping your kids water safe from contaminants.

Kids water bottles are made from stainless steel or sturdy plastic that can withstand almost anything your kids put them through.

zak! Kids Water Bottles Are Safe

Our kids water bottles are made from materials that will keep your kids’ water safe and clean. Our plastic kids water bottles are made from BPA-free plastic that can also go into the dishwasher without melting or warping.

We also carry a huge line of stainless steel kids water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are completely free of chemicals, which makes them perfect for keeping your beverage cold.

Additionally, zak! kids water bottles include antimicrobial drinking spouts to keep their drinking surfaces free of nasty bacterial buildups. 

zak! Kids Water Bottles are Made for Kids

All of our kids water bottles have easy to use drinking features, like push button lids, pop up straws, and easy twist caps, which means your kids will be able to get to their water without your help. Almost all of our kids water bottles also have wide carrying handles so that your kids can carry their favorite kids water bottles with them.

Another great feature that your kids will love is the designs and options they can choose from. Our kids water bottles come in many different colors with kid friendly designs. They can also choose from one of the dozens of superheroes and cartoon characters featured on our kids water bottles.

Whether your kid is into princesses, dinosaurs, Baby Yoda, unicorns, Minecraft, or anything in between, zak! has a kids water bottle option that they will love.

Keep Your Kids Excited about Their Hydration with zak!

We have been producing stylish and high quality hydration products for adults and families since 1976. With our huge line of kids water bottles, you will be able to keep your kids excited about drinking water with their favorite characters and designs every day of the week.

zak! kids water bottles make great gifts for any occasion, so they’re great to have around to avoid last minute shopping! Try picking up a few of our popular kids water bottle designs so you’ll always be prepared for birthday parties, holidays, and special events like your kid’s kindergarten graduation or when they get their green belt at their karate class!

Click here to take a look at our full lineup of kids water bottles! We can’t wait to help you and your kids stay hydrated throughout the day.

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