Keep Kids Hydrated During Playtime With a Colorful CoComelon Tumbler

Posted on May 30, 2023

If there’s one thing JJ and all of his friends know how to do, it’s play! Getting up and getting active is important for raising healthy kids. It’s just as important as drinking enough water to keep them hydrated while they go go go. 

There’s no better time to whip out a Cocomelon tumblers by zak! than playtime. While your little ones might be hesitant to slow down long enough to drink from a boring water bottle, a fun, colorful tumbler with their favorite character on the front is sure to grab their attention any time.

Want to get your kids more excited about healthy playtime and staying hydrated? Keep reading to find out more about fun, games, and where water fits into it all!

Encourage Your Kids to Play Everyday

Kids are a naturally active bunch. Their imagination is limitless - turning blankets into secret hideouts or cardboard boxes into mighty ships. It’s important to encourage your kids to get physically active every day, whether that’s having a dance party, riding a bike, or taking a trip to the playground.

No matter what you do, make sure you have the proper equipment to facilitate plenty of playtimes and bring your favorite drinkware along to stay hydrated!

The Benefits of Playtime

CoComelon said it best: “Good, good, working out is good for you!” 

Playtime is the best way to keep your kids happy and healthy as they grow. From babies to toddlers to big kids and even adults, everyone needs to play every now and then. Along with the benefit of physical activity, some of the top benefits of playtime for kids include:

  • Boosting confidence
  • Building relationships
  • Fostering imagination and creativity
  • Building problem-solving skills
  • Promoting social development
  • Allowing them to advocate for themselves
  • Cutting down on screen time

When you encourage your kids to play, they grow and thrive mentally and physically. With enough water, they can play and reap the benefits all day long!

How Much Playtime Do Kids Need?

As kids grow, their need for playtime increases along with their seemingly never ending energy supply. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older children need to move around, get their hearts beating, and work up a sweat. It’s probably not difficult to reach the recommended 60 minutes of vigorous activity for most kids, but it may also take a little nudge from parents.

Sometimes your kids just want you to play with them!

All that time running around means your kids will need something to sip on to keep them hydrated. When not just any old cup will do, make sure you have their favorite fun tumbler filled up and ready to go.

Fun Playtime Ideas for Kids

Most of the time, kids have no trouble deciding what to play. They come up with the wildest games, like hunting down a treasure made up of fidget toys Indiana Jones style only to come face-to-face with a six-legged turtle dragon. (It’s too slow to catch you but it totally breathes fire!)

Other times, the repeated cries of “I’m bored!” fill the air and you have no choice but to step in and offer polite suggestions for what they could play.

The next time you’re short on ideas for playtime, try one of these:

  • Put on their favorite CoComelon dance songs and get moving
  • Make an obstacle course out of couch cushions and blankets
  • Go on a walk around your neighborhood
  • Break out the water balloons and super soakers for those hot days outside
  • Make some slime or dough together for sensory playtime

No matter how you and your kids play, the most important thing is that they are playing. They are stimulating their minds and their bodies and, hopefully, drinking plenty of water along the way!

Stay Hydrated While You Play With a CoComelon Tumbler

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, especially when your kids are going a million miles an hour on the playground under the hot sun. It’s recommended that little kids up to age 3 drink at least 4 cups of water a day. Children from ages 4-8 need 6 cups of water every day. 

But how do you encourage your kids to drink enough water while they’re distracted by play?

Simple - put their water in a cup they can’t refuse. A CoComelon tumbler is a bright, colorful way to get your kids engaged in drinking water and staying hydrated. When they see their favorite characters on the side of their cup, they’re more likely to want to keep it close by, which encourages sips without them even thinking about it.

Not to mention, keeping a CoComelon tumbler on hand means you can easily keep track of just how much water your kids drink throughout the day. 

Explore Cocomelon Tumblers By zak! Features

So, aside from the colors and JJ’s adorable face making your kids smile, what makes zak! CoComelon tumblers so special? We’re glad you asked! Let’s walk through the amazing features that make these tumblers a must-have playtime companion.

Encourages Kids to Drink Plenty of Water

It’s no secret that kids can be stubborn about the simplest things. You can make some things easier on yourself with little tricks, like filling up a CoComelon tumbler with nice cold water for your kids to drink whenever they’re feeling thirsty. 

Its colorful, intuitive design allows little ones that aren’t ready for an open-topped cup easy access to water through the silicone straw. Fun and easy drinking makes zak! CoComelon tumblers are the perfect choice for active kids that are constantly on the move.

The Perfect Size for Little Hands

Getting a quick drink during playtime is so much easier when kids don’t have to deal with heavy bottles or fiddly lids that take too much time for little hands to navigate. Pop a Cocomelon tumbler by zak! in those hands and be amazed by just how perfectly it fits!

The lightweight but durable construction of our tumblers means kids can keep their favorite characters on hand without feeling burdened. No matter what games they’re playing, their CoComelon tumbler is easy to take along for the ride for those much-needed water breaks.

Perfect Spill-Proof Design to Take On-the-Go

Whether your little ones are playing in the next room or outside under the sun, you can rest assured they won’t lose a drop of precious water from their zak! CoComelon tumbler. 

Our tumblers are created with an airtight lid that keeps water inside unless the lid is removed. The sipper spout is also equipped with a valve to stop water from flowing when no one is drinking. That means no spills or messes if their water is knocked over during playtime.

You won’t have to worry about this cup getting loose in your car on the way to your next adventure. On top of being spill-proof, zak! CoComelon tumblers are also cup-holder-friendly!

Durable Enough to Withstand Play

Your kids need a cup that can stand up to as much fun as possible. Lucky for them, our Cocomelon tumbler by zak! is made with adventures in mind. Crafted from durable plastic and silicone, these are no ordinary cups, no no. These tumblers are just as at home in high-speed races and epic battles as they are in tea parties and blanket forts.

Even with repeated everyday use, zak! CoComelon tumblers are designed to stay in one piece so your kids always have water on hand, no matter what imaginary mountains they’re climbing.

Easy to Clean at the End of the Day

When the day comes to an end and the playing is done, you don’t want to worry about a long, complicated cleaning process. The zak! CoComelon tumblers are easy to wash by hand because they can be disassembled. Take the straw out of the lid and reach all those tight spots with ease.

In a pinch, lid pieces are dishwasher-safe and good to go on the top rack of your next load. But handwashing your tumbler cups ensures the colorful CoComelon images stay vibrant and bold.

Safe BPA-Free Materials

Keeping kids safe and healthy is at the forefront of any parent’s mind. That’s why zak! CoComelon tumblers are made from BPA-free materials, to put your mind at ease. 

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical created for use in the production of certain plastics. These plastics can be harmful to humans because of the potential of BPA leaching into foods and drinks. Our CoComelon tumblers are made with your child’s health in mind so you can put your focus on fun.

Eliminates Single-Use Plastics

Spending extra money on a CoComelon tumbler might be more expensive than buying plain, old water bottles when your kids are thirsty, but the true savings add up over time. Not only is a reusable water bottle a smart investment financially, but it’s also an investment in the environment by eliminating single-use plastic bottles.

Instead of purchasing a new bottle of water every time your kids are thirsty, you’ll have a great reusable option to quench their thirst and keep them hydrated. At the same time, you are actively reducing your impact on the environment.

Your Choice of CoComelon Tumbler

Just like JJ and his friends, every child is unique with their own wants and needs. The variety of zak! CoComelon tumblers support your child’s drinking habits with different sizes, shapes, and artwork to choose from. Here are the two main types of tumblers featuring your child’s favorite CoComelon characters!

2 Pack - 15-ounce Kelso Tumbler

This set of 2 CoComelon tumblers is the perfect solution for kids who are past the sippy cup stage but aren’t ready to use an open-topped tumbler yet. It comes with a double dose of 15-ounce plastic tumblers made from BPA-free materials that are durable enough to last every adventure.

Each tumbler includes its own lid and silicone straw that features a built-in valve to prevent unwanted leaks and spills. All of these parts can be disassembled and put in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning, although we recommend handwashing your kids’ favorite zak! products to preserve the designs they love.

3-Piece Set - 2 Kelso Tumblers With Extra Sipper Straw

This 3-piece set features JJ on a set of two different CoComelon tumblers, each with their own dedicated lid and silicone sipper spout, plus an extra straw on the side. 

The 15-ounce plastic tumbler and the 12-ounce stainless steel tumbler included in this set are spill-proof, leak-proof, durable, and the perfect size for car cup holders. When you have a long day ahead with lots of playing to do, you can depend on your stainless steel CoComelon tumbler to keep drinks cold for 10 hours with no sweat thanks to its vacuum insulation. 

Keep your kids hydrated with ice-cold water no matter how long or how hard they play. And when you get home, it’s a cinch to take these tumblers apart and clean them for all the fun days to come.

Play All Day With CoComelon Tumblers by zak!

zak! designs dinnerware and drinkware with the mission of creating everyday joy that puts smiles on faces. Playtime evokes that joy in children and it’s only elevated by a tumbler that shows off something your kids love. With a CoComelon tumbler by their side, your little ones can stay hydrated while they dance, wiggle, run, and play. Plus, you can rest assured that they’re drinking plenty of water while reducing the use of disposable water bottles.

With so many choices of fun, colorful tumblers, you can foster your child’s unique interests while making a practical choice for your family. Your CoComelon tumbler will stick with your child through playtime after playtime without the risk of spills or the hassle of sourcing enough water bottles to quench their thirst. It’s an option that you and your child can both smile about!

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