Balanced Toddler Meal Ideas

Balanced Toddler Meal Ideas

Posted on October 02, 2017

Toddler meals can be tricky! Not only are tots picky eaters, sometimes their tastes and preferences can change from one meal to the next! So when it comes to feeding toddlers, we like something simple that can be made quickly, but is still chock-full of nutrition. Our balanced meal ideas are mostly comprised of one-ingredient options which makeup a well-rounded complete meal that includes protein, healthy carbs, veggies and fruit. We love how whole foods are also so colorful!

Serve the food on this 3-section tray by zak designs, that keeps each food group separate for picky eaters. This tray features a nostalgic design that appeals to adults and kids alike! Your little outdoor enthusiast will love the fun camping pictures, and you will love the trendy gingham print in soft neutral colors that don’t clash with your home decor.

This 3-section tray is also part of the most adorable zak designs gift set! In addition to the 3-section tray, this set also includes a small tumbler, and a plastic bowl, for durability. Everything is packaged in a fun vintage camper box, the perfect birthday or holiday present. It’s a great addition to any household – kids love these durable and perfectly-sized dishes.

1. This plate features heart-shaped strawberries, apple slices, and sandwiches with whole wheat bread, Find out more about how to create this recipe in our previous blog post: Back to School Bento Box.

2. This plate features shredded steak, blackberries, and steamed broccoli. We recommend mixing the broccoli with mild guacamole. It makes veggies more appetizing to kids (and adults too), and adds healthy fats to the meal!

3. This option features diced chicken, steamed sweet potatoes cut into cubes, and steamed broccoli. We recommend mixing the broccoli with mild guacamole. It makes veggies more appetizing, and adds healthy fats to the meal!

4. This plate features diced chicken, red potatoes roasted until soft, then diced into cubes, and chopped strawberries.

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