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Zak’s Kitchen to Table™ Line Makes It Easy to Set a Sweet Spread

Posted by Chis Cogley on 6/26/2014 to Press Releases
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Spokane, WA (April 17, 2014) – Everyone looks forward to dessert. Except, maybe, the one who has to prepare it and transport it from the kitchen out to the table or the patio. And the more intricate the dessert, the more of a hassle that prospect becomes. With the new Kitchen to Table line, however, Zak Designs allows hosts to enjoy dessert as much as guests by making the process of prepping, serving, and storing desserts easier and more convenient.

Designed to be functional in the kitchen and beautiful on the table, the Kitchen to Table line features a Saucy container with a wide pour spout with a lid that locks open for pouring fudge, caramel and other thick toppings. To make it easy to carry and store multiple Saucy containers, as well as a wide range of other bottles, the line includes a Caddy that’s available in 2-, 3-, or 4-section sizes. All sizes of the Caddy feature removable inserts to accommodate larger items and handles that come off for more convenient serving. To help make the process of cleaning up and storing all the dessert essentials easier, the Caddy is designed to fit securely in most refrigerator doors.

pub bowls

The Kitchen to Table line also includes a Chilly ice cream scoop with sturdy zinc head and a convenient water basin to keep it clean and prevent sticky messes on the table. For pies, brownies, and other desserts, the line includes a Sweety hostess set of three serving utensils on a carrying stand with a drip plate.

By adding convenience to the process of prepping, serving, and storing desserts, the Kitchen to Table line allows anyone to set out a sweet spread – and enjoy it, too!

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