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Festive Valentine's Day Essentials

Posted by Chris Cogley on 1/6/2015 to Press Releases

Few things say, “I love you,” more profoundly than a meal you prepare specifically for that special someone.

From our new Confetti Salad Set and the innovative Kitchen to Table line to a complete assortment of festive dinnerware, drinkware, and serve-ware, Zak Designs has everything you need to create a festive meal your Valentine will remember all year long.

Tasty Treats

Whether you’re hosting a large Valentine’s Day gathering, or an intimate dinner just for two, Zak Designs’ new Stacky Stemware and spoons provide a fun way to serve an endless variety of tasty treats. From sorbet and mousse to ice cream and parfaits, the 8oz all-purpose stem, 14oz dessert bowl, and a set of 4 cordials create a festive way to make sure that your Valentine’s Day dessert is as special as the person you’re sharing it with.

And, of course, the Chilly ice cream scoop provides a great way to dish up any of those frozen tasty treats.

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