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Zak's Treasure Craft Mugs Bring the Fun of Childhood to Morning Coffee

Posted by Chris Cogley on 1/26/2015 to Press Releases

There was a time when people thought cartoons were just for kids. When comics were something you grew out of when you grew up. That time has passed. Today more and more people are accepting that the themes these characters embody don’t have an age limit and the lessons they teach are as applicable to adults as they are to kids. That’s exactly the concept Zak Designs is promoting with its new line of Treasure Craft porcelain mugs.

The line features mugs that are all made from high quality porcelain which makes them dishwasher safe and also allows them to be safely microwaved. But it’s the characters featured on the mugs that will grab the attention of people who want to bring back touch their childhood and add a little more fun to their morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea.

The mugs will be available in early November with an SRP of $7.99. And because they’re packaged in a decorative gift box, the mugs make a great gift idea for that special someone who needs to unwrap a smile this holiday season.

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