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Zak Makes Healthy Hydration Fun For All Ages

Posted by Chris Cogley on 1/23/2018 to Press Releases
Zak Makes Healthy Hydration Fun For All Ages
Becoming more active as part of a healthy lifestyle is typically on the top of everyone's New Year Resolutions, and it's no longer just adults who are recognizing the benefits of a more active life. One aspect of that healthier lifestyle that too often goes overlooked, however, is the need to stay properly hydrated - especially as people become more active. This year, Zak is making it easy for people of all ages to develop healthy hydration habits with a wide variety of fun and innovative water bottles that are durable enough to keep up with the most active lifestyles.
Whether you're guzzling water at the gym or sipping it at the office, HydraTrak bottles make it easy to keep track of exactly how much water you’re drinking on a daily basis. Simply slide one of the of the colorful bands up to the top of the bottle each time it’s refilled, and create an instant visual support system for drinking the recommended daily amount of water as part of a healthy lifestyle!
It is never too early to start developing healthy hydration habits, and the 14oz water bottles make it easy for kids to always stay properly hydrated. The flip-up straw helps prevent unwanted spills and the attached loop allows kids to clip the bottle on to backpacks or sports bags. And because the bottles feature some of today’s most popular children's characters, it is the bottle they will always reach for before they head out the door.

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