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Zak!snak Keeps Up With Active Kids

Posted by Chris Cogley on 7/6/2016 to Press Releases

Spokane, WA – It’s not always easy to keep up with active kids, but Zak Designs is making that prospect much more manageable for parents everywhere with the introduction of the innovative new zak!snak container.

Created as a way make it easier for kids to take snacks and drinks with them in one convenient container, the zak!snak’s patented design features a secret snack compartment fitted on top of a 10oz tumbler with a straw. Not only does the zak!snak allow kids to sip their favorite beverages while nibbling on nutritious snacks, it also helps prevent spills in the process. The 4oz snack container is designed as a splash-proof lid for the tumbler and features a rotating cover that snaps in place to keep snacks secure when kids are on-the-go.

The snack container is simple to unscrew from the tumbler, making it easy to wash both pieces and giving kids the freedom to use each of the sections separately. And to help make sure that kids want to carry the convenience of the zak!snak everywhere they go, the containers feature some of today’s most popular children’s characters. Because when it comes to keeping up with active kids, even the best parents can use all the help they can get.


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