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Adult Characters

Big Kids and Grown Up Products
This new line of hydration and mealtime products are designed for kids ages 12+, teens, and adults because character-driven fun has no age limit. Our new includes an 11” Multi-Purpose plate with a separate section that makes the plate a great choice for serving snacks and dips, chips and salsa, or even main courses and sides for those picky eaters who like to keep their foods from touching even after they’ve grown up. The deep coupe shape helps keep food on the plate when meals or snacks are being enjoyed on the couch or at the desk.

The line also includes two drinkware options that allow older fans to take the fun with them when they head to their next class, or the gym, or even the office. The 25oz Tritan bottle is durable enough to stand up to even the most intense activities and the 16oz Double-Wall tumbler makes it easy to enjoy iced lattes, protein shakes, smoothies, or other cold drinks without worrying about condensation dripping onto desks or into car cup holders, and because the included straw features a stopper on the bottom, there’s no concern about the straw falling out and getting lost.