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Not sure which part you need? Select this item as a place holder. Provide detailed information at checkout and our Team of Experts will review to ensure we ship you the right part.

  1. Add this Replacement Part Item to your cart
  2. Click on Checkout - shown above
  3. At Checkout, use the drop down to select the part needed:
  4. Part Type Examples: Lid, Spout, Seal, Straw etc.
  5. Upload a close up image of the back/bottom of your product .Mold # must be visible
  6. Upload an image of the entire product - so we can identify the exact item
  7. After you select Add Payment Information, you will be able to complete a comment section to help us with any order information we may need

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looking for a replacement part for your zak product?

  1. Simply describe the item you own
  2. Then select the part from the drop-down menu
  3. Upload a digital picture of your item
  4. Proceed through the checkout.
  5. Zak Designs will review your request and send a replacement part based on the photo and description. We may need to contact you for further clarification.
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