Kelso Tumbler 2 Piece Set – 15 oz., Creeper, Ghosts and More

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Kelso Tumbler 2 Piece Set – 15 oz.

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Let’s keep it simple: this tumbler doesn’t leak. The silicone sipper spout has a built-in valve that stops water from flowing when no one is drinking, so it’s easy for children to quench their thirst but won’t make a mess if the tumbler is tipped over. It’s the perfect choice for active kids, or young ones just graduating from sippy cups who aren’t ready for an open-topped tumbler yet. The 15-ounce tumbler is made of durable plastic, which is lightweight, sturdy enough for everyday adventures, and completely BPA free. We don’t recommend putting it in the microwave—this cup is made for cold drinks—but the lid can be disassembled and everything can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean


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