Flex Bottle 2 Piece Set – 18 oz., Space

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Flex Bottle 2 Piece Set – 18 oz.

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This water bottle has plenty of features you can always count on: the lid has a hygienic cover to keep the spout clean when it is not being used, which opens easily (even for kids!) at the push of a button, and disassembles for easy cleaning. A carrying handle built into the lid makes this bottle easy for small hands to take on any adventure. It even has breakaway parts—the folding handle and the spout cover are designed to pop off on impact instead of breaking, and you can just snap them back into place. And since the 18-ounce kids’ bottle is made from durable plastic, it’s long-lasting and completely BPA free. Don’t put it in the microwave—it’s made for cold drinks—and even though everything can be cleaned in the dishwasher, we recommend washing the bottle by hand to keep the artwork bold and bright.


Weight 0.68 oz
Dimensions 6.02 × 3.23 × 7.56 in
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