Divided Bento Box, Rubble, Marshall and Chase

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Divided Bento Box

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This food container measures 8.54 inches by 6.06 inches by 2.56 inches, and includes 2 mini containers that fit inside the larger box. The small, spill-resistant containers have individual lids, so they can be used for sauces or even on their own, and with the interior divider, they offer flexibility in arranging meals to keep foods separate. The bento box lid has two locks and a silicone seal to keep it from leaking. It also has a built-in vent, so it is easy to heat up a meal in the microwave. The box can be carried with the built-in handle, and fits in most lunch bags. Multiple bento boxes easily stack for storage. Everything is made from durable plastic, which is completely BPA free and dishwasher safe to make cleanup easy.


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Dimensions 6.31 × 8.62 × 2.56 in
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