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Plastic Butter Dishes

butter dish
Zak has a variety of colorful plastic butter dishes that are designed to make your indoor or outdoor meal more enjoyable.
Our multi-purpose butter dishes are perfect for keeping butter covered and are designed with reversible bases that can accommodate larger butter sticks or wide cream cheese loafs. And to make them even more versatile, the dishes can be flipped over to serve and store nuts, candy, condiments, and a wide variety of other party essentials.
Another functional and fun item that is beautiful on your table is the buttery corn on the cob spreader. It allows your family and friends to pass butter around the table keeping fingers out of it. It has a detachable tray to keep butter off of the surfaces. In order to accommodate different size butter sticks, you can change the sleeve and reverse the plunger to fit different butter widths. The curved edge fits nicely over rounded objects like corn on the cob, but it can also be used on flat, warm surfaces like toast or flatbread.
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