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The planet is a big place. And the challenges facing the planet can seem far too big for anyone to overcome alone. And they are. Thankfully, however, none of us is alone. We're all in this together. Which means that all any of us has to do, is our part. If each of us can do that and maybe just a little extra then all of a sudden, the challenges we're facing won't seem so big. And neither will the planet we're all living on.

What We're Doing

As a global leader in mealtime products, Zak Designs is dedicated to being a leading company in its commitment to protecting the environment. We have taken many steps as a company to ensure that our business goes above and beyond environmental regulations set by local, state and federal agencies. We are committed to helping improve the environment not only through the products and packaging alternatives we develop, but through our participation in programs and promotions that benefit everyone we share the planet with.

Our Vision Statement:
Zak Designs is a family-oriented company with the vision to bring joy into the daily lives of people around the world by delivering innovative and FUNctional products that promote a healthy lifestyle for every member of the family.
Our Mission Statement:
At Zak Designs, we want to extend our tradition of raising the bar on what people expect from the products they use to eat and drink with every day. With the same entrepreneurial spirit our company was founded on, we will focus on creating high-quality, FUNctional and innovative products that surprise and delight with each bite and every sip.