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Zak! Mother’s Day Party

Image for Zak! Mother’s Day Party Zak! Mother's Day Party

Celebrate Spring! Throw a Mother's Day Party

When approached by Zak Designs to become a guest blogger for themed parties, I was super pumped! I love nothing more than to throw a party with a theme. So why not a spring theme... Mother's day! My creative mind started turning, and as an artist I began to look at my party as a blank canvas. I start sketching ideas... balloons here, flowers there, what will the dress attire be, and what food will be served.

Also, budget is a big factor in any party. I try to use items around the house and yard, do-it-yourself art projects and thrift store finds. For my spring themed party, I chose to play off what Mother Nature has provided. I used flowers from my yard that were just starting to sprout. My collection of thrift store glass vases with fresh blooms is perfect for parting guest gifts.

When thinking of serving ware, I like to introduce many different varieties on my table with style, texture, and shape. With this in mind, pieces will contrast and complement. Each item holds its own and doesn't blend in with the crowd. The Confetti line from Zak Designs was a perfect base. The flecks of color offered on the Confetti plate gave me the opportunity to choose from a rainbow of colors. I wanted a soft, muted color scheme with introductions of lavender, turquoise and bright pink. Hope this has helped, and remember, any party is great when friends come to the plate.


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