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Unhealthy, Expensive, Boring Lunch? Hello Kitty to the Rescue!

Image for Unhealthy, Expensive, Boring Lunch? Hello Kitty to the Rescue! Unhealthy, Expensive, Boring Lunch? Hello Kitty to the Rescue!

Unhealthy, Expensive, Boring Lunch? Hello Kitty to the Rescue!

We don’t know about you, but lunch can really make or break our day. A smashed sandwich or unhealthy snack brings us down and distracts us from our work or errands.

And if that’s true for grown-ups, we’re sure it holds true for our kids too!
So the next time you’re looking for a fun way to make lunch creative, healthy, and inexpensive, look to Hello Kitty to save the day.

Enter the Hello Kitty lunch box set. This adorable duo of pink bento boxes will rescue your kids’ midday meal in 5 ways:

  1. Saving your budget. Packing a lunch in these cute containers prevents kids from having to buy meals and snacks. Sure, those salty treats from the vending machine are inexpensive, but over time those quarters really add up.
  2. Helping you provide a nutritious meal. The dividers in the Hello Kitty lunch bento boxes let you include a variety of foods. Pack more than just a sandwich; carrots, fruit, cheese, or crackers can go too—all separate.
  3. Keeping snacks from getting squished. Everything from soft peaches to crispy chips and crackers will be protected by the rigid sides of the Hello Kitty lunch box. If you were to try tossing those items into a plastic bag, and then into your child’s backpack, the results would not be pretty.
  4. Inspiring you to be more creative. The lunch trend of kyaraben involves arranging food to look like cute animals or cartoon characters—just check it out on Pinterest or Instagram and prepare to be wowed! Bento boxes like the Hello Kitty lunch box set are perfect for kyaraben, because they keep food safe and separated.
  5. Looking adorable! Hello Kitty and her little squirrel friend will brighten up any child’s day. (They’re so cute we wouldn’t mind taking them to lunch ourselves.)

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