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Toddlerific makes toddler mealtime easier

Image for Toddlerific makes toddler mealtime easier Toddlerific makes toddler mealtime easier

Toddlerific - Fun for Toddlers and Easier for Parents

Every parent knows that teaching toddlers how to feed themselves can sometimes be a trying – and messy – proposition. The Toddlerific line from Zak Designs was created to make the process fun for toddlers and easier for parents. With award-winning sippy cups that feature our patented Perfect flo® valve, easy to remove for cleaning, our goal is clear. We strive to design fun yet functional items! Our no-tip plate and bowl have a stable base to prevent tipping; this is an added feature any parent can appreciate. Curved edges of the flatware match the shape of our bowl and plate to help make it easier for toddlers to scoop food. The Toddlerific® line from Zak Designs will help toddlers develop the healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

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