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Plan the Perfect Brunch

Image for Plan the Perfect Brunch Plan the Perfect Brunch

Brunch is the perfect social gathering. It’s the one time drinking alcohol before noon is socially acceptable, and eating cake for breakfast is not only encouraged - it’s expected! Throw the perfect brunch for your closest gal pals or significant other with these helpful hints:

Plan the Perfect Brunch

  1. Pancakes with fresh berries - There’s nothing like pancakes with fresh berries! We opted for organic blueberries. We used Bob’s Red Mill whole grain pancake mix to whip up the tastiest pancakes we’ve ever met, and proceeded to smother the flapjacks with organic maple syrup and grass-fed butter. We served the pancakes on this classy ceramic dinnerware - we just love the subtle taupe tones mixed with a white backdrop!
  2. Mimosas - The only way to improve on champagne mixed with O.J. is to serve them up in these cute champagne flutes. Bonus: these flutes are plastic, A.K.A. they are durable enough for those who wish to linger after brunch and meander the grounds outside, drink in hand, without worrying about glassware shattering .
  3. Coffee - We used a french press and served our coffee in these cute matching mugs that come with the aforementioned dinnerware set (see hint #1).
  4. Succulents or fresh flowers - If you don’t have time to cut fresh flowers, succulents will work in a pinch!
  5. Classy dinnerware - We just love the way mint and taupe look together - trendy yet sophisticated. This color palette paired with fun batik prints will add a touch of boho-chic to any brunch!

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