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How to Keep Ice Cream Cold on the Road

Image for How to Keep Ice Cream Cold on the Road How to Keep Ice Cream Cold on the Road

How to Keep Ice Cream Cold on the Road

Do you wish you could drive an ice cream truck? If you’ve ever left the grocery store with frozen-solid ice cream and arrived at home with sweet, creamy soup instead, you just might. Not because it looks so cool, or because you love the song “Turkey in the Straw” so much you could listen to it all day. You want the ice cream truck simply to have a freezer for saving your cold items while you drive!

Fortunately, Zak has a solution that doesn’t involve trading in your vehicle. Their foam-core insulated ice cream containers come with a freezable gel lid to keep your cold items cold for up to an hour and a half. If you drive a long distance to the grocery store, or to a picnic or dinner party, it could save the day!

And you can use these tubs for more than just ice cream. Tote potato salad to the pot luck, cole slaw to the barbecue, or even gazpacho to the dinner party, and arrive with your items still tasty, cool, and refreshing.

Each ice cream container will hold a pint of food. If you make big grocery trips to buy multiple pints of ice cream, frozen vegetables, or other frozen foods, use several ice cream containers to keep them all nice and frosty.

Ice cream truck not required.

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