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Cool Whip Strawberry Snake

Snake made out of sliced strawberries

Cool Whip Strawberry Snake Instructions

Cool Whip Strawberry Snake Recipe


Sliced Strawberries made into a snake
  • 4-5 Strawberries
  • Cool Whip
  • Celery


  1. First, cut the strawberries into slices but leave one whole for the snake's head.
  2. Spread Cool Whip on the plate in an "S" shape with a spoon.
  3. Then place the whole strawberry at one end and lean the slices up against it on top of the cool whip, starting with the largest slices and ending with the smallest.
  4. Cut a piece of celery to look like the snake's tongue and push it into the whole strawberry.
  5. Then cut small pieces of celery and slightly dip them in cool whip before placing them above the tongue for eyes!
  6. Enjoy your Strawberry Snake!