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Fruit Infused Detox Water

Prepared detox water garnished with a wedge of line mint leaves

This refreshing concoction is a great go-to with you're looking to detox after the holidays, because strawberries, grapes, lime, and mint can almost always be found year-round in your local grocery store.

Cutting board with sliced strawberries, grapes, line amd mint leaves

First, slice some strawberries, grapes, and half of a lime.

A tumbler of fruit infused detox water

Then, combine ingredients with mint, water, and ice in a tumbler. Sip with a straw, and enjoy!

Fruit Infused Detox Water Instructions

Yield: 1 pitcher

Total Time: 5 minutes

This detox drink is a great go-to when you're looking to nutritionally reset and detox after the holidays


  • 5 grapes halved
  • 1/2 lime sliced
  • 4 strawberries halved
  • 5 mint leaves


  1. Combine ingredients with water and ice.