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DIY: Coffee Ice Cubes

Iced coffee with coffee ice cubes

We all ❤ Starbucks, this is hopefully a blanket statement that we can make. However, we think we can all agree that sometimes their prices are a little bit steep. So we decided to get crafty (okay, we just poured coffee into ice cube trays) so that we could get in on the latest fad without blowing our Netflix budget on two drinks. Not only does it make for some ~sweet~ iced coffee, you can also add these ice cubes to cocktails, chocolate milk, and other coffee-friendly drinks to add a unique look to your next party favor.

A glass of iced coffee with diy coffee ice cubes

Seriously, just brew coffee, let it cool, then pour it into ice cube trays. When they’re ready, you can add them to cold coffee, creamy cocktails, or anything you think will pair well with coffee ice cubes! It’s super easy and adds a real bit of unique flair to your drink.

Try sparkling cider or juice for your ice cubes

If you want to get fancy, consider making ice cubes out of any sort of juice, sparkling cider, or even wine and champagne

A glass of iced sparkling cider

Once you’ve made your drink, be sure to use our Trinity stemless wine glasses so that you can drink it poolside without any worries about dropping or breaking a nice-looking glass.