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Zak Challenge

For the third year in a row, Zak Designs is hosting a Zak Challenge for its employees this year. This program was modeled after the popular Biggest Loser show and was started as a way to help Zak employees become more fit and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

I was not involved with the program the first year it was implemented, but in 2010 we had 25 people and lost 119.6lbs combined. In 2012 we had 30 people participate and lost a combined 289.6 lbs.

During the Challenge we send emails to encourage each other with tips on eating and exercising, or just motivational sayings. By being on a team you have the support and encouragement of others, however, we also do individual challenges for people who prefer this method of motivation. The company helps individuals and teams achieve their goals by allowing us to walk in the warehouse during the winter, and providing access to the fitness room during our breaks. As we do each year, all the participants will weigh in January, February, March, with a final weigh in April. The winning team, with the most percentage lost will win a gift card for each person, and the winning individual will win a gift card as well. Whether you're competing in a group, or as an individual, the Zak Challenge is a great excuse to get up and get healthy!
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